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Budweiser’s social media campaign is genius

At first, you might think that Budweiser was hacked. I don’t think they were hacked. Their “drunk tweet” makes a whole lot of sense, given they are a company that makes beer.

Also, the tweets were sent via web, which can be manipulated, but I don’t think they did get manipulated by a hacker or anything. After all, their previous normal tweets have also been done through the web.

What makes this great is that even if they aren’t advertising anything specific, they did a couple drunk tweets right before the Super Bowl has to be so genius. Intentional or not, Budweiser did good here.


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‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’ looks promising

I am a huge fan of the movie. In fact, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Now they are making a TV series out of it. I don’t know what to expect from it but based on the trailer that they just released, it has a lot of potential.

I wonder how much of the original movie script will be in this series or if they are trying to go with a completely different storyline.

The Gecko brothers are cool and this has that potential. PLEASE don’t let this suck!

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How would handle being famous?

EDIT: She deleted the tweet and the other tweets complaining about too many paparazzi bothering her. But if you delete something, it never really is gone.

Some of you know I am a fan of Lorde. It’s not just because of her one song, but her entire work so far is really unique and also she seems to keep it real all the time. In reading interviews of her, she really seems to be the cool girl I want to be friends with if I was still in high school.

She sent out a series of tweets about how the paparazzi was all up in her face when she went back home at the New Zealand airport. Among those tweets, she tweeted the above.

It is frightening when people perceive you be something. And now that her fame is rising, it’s now made her realize that she can no longer be herself without someone following her. That’s the price of fame.

And what’s scary about it all is that she is understanding that she’s part of the machine. I hope she doesn’t change her attitude about herself, but there is no guarantee in that. Fame can change people and some people fall into their own hype.

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Can sinners go to heaven?

So who really gets to go to heaven?

During a road trip to Anaheim (not really a road trip, but it took a while in traffic) with a couple of guys from church to the Rock & Worship Roadshow, we had a conversation that veered into being real. And part of it was about blogging and how on a blog, our church blog, or even my own blog, the goal was to be real.

My blog has always been 100. I felt that it’s hard to enough to live in this world being who I am, or trying to be something, and I needed an outlet to be real. And so the conversation led to how sometimes as Christians, we aren’t being real. And sometimes, we try to put up an image that isn’t relatable to someone who doesn’t know who Jesus is. In fact, at many times, our actions of trying to be a holier than thou leads us to make certain people not want to care about Jesus.

I know that feeling. If I wasn’t a believer, I wouldn’t care about Jesus. The perception of who He is and what the church has done to impact my reaction towards Him has not been good. And this led to our conversation turning into what we’ve done to hurt the image of God.

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The Grammys are afraid of things that aren’t white

Even though that article was posted a few days before the Grammys, it’s pretty true. And it came true when Macklemore beat Kendrick Lamar for best album.

But I will be upfront and say that I haven’t listened to Macklemore’s album. In fact, I don’t even like the guy’s music. I’ve heard his singles that has been released and they aren’t all that. I’ve seen him perform live in person. He’s OK. But he’s a gimmick and that’s what he is to me. He is talented, but he’s not anything impressive.

And that’s why I am disappointed. Kendrick Lamar’s album, on the other hand, is a masterpiece. I listened to it and I can’t imagine any other album better in the rap game. It was powerful, it was lyrical, it had the backing of Dr. Dre. It was everything. All my friends who listen to rap raved about this album. Not one of them said anything about Macklemore.

But if you read that article, it points out that Macklemore is safe and easy to market. That’s why he won. Not because his album is better. Not because he is a better, more talented rapper. But because he’s a great guy to put on your billboards and sell. K-Dot, on the other hand, is too raw and too out there for the voters to be ready for. It is still the same after all these years. White privilege or not, they just weren’t ready.

K-Dot got robbed. But then again, the Grammys never has fully embraced rap anyway. So of course this happened. They’re too scared.

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My experience at Dodger Stadium for the Stadium Series game between the Ducks and Kings

A great experience checking out my first ever outdoor hockey game. Here’s the story of all that went down.

But at the end of the day...

I don’t even like either the Kings or Ducks. Both of them are the rivals. But as a hockey fan, attending the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium was a must for me. I’ve always wanted to go to the Winter Classic games but since those games are never on the West Coast, this is the best option for me. It was actually a great cool night and the entire atmosphere was very unique.

I had arrived at around 5PM, a good 90 minutes before the ceremonies would begin. I got there early knowing that getting into the stadium closer to the start of the game would suck. When arrived there, I saw that there was a fan fest area in one of the…

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I watched two great documentaries last night

The Imposter

I read about great documentaries on Netflix and I watched this one last night. I didn’t know the story about the kidnapping so everything in this documentary was new to me. The story was told from the perspective of all the main people involved in the case.

What fascinated me about this was that it seemed that there would be a resolution at the end and I kept holding on, waiting for them to tell me that the boy was found. The story was told so well that it felt that it was more a movie than a documentary. And they actually did turn it into a movie.

I highly recommend this one. It’s a story of deception that just continues to get crazier and crazier with every step.

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