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Saying farewell

It’s hard to deal with death when it involves somebody you knew. It’s a different feeling you get when it involves different people and how the relationship was with them.

I remember a couple years ago I found out an old co-worker took his life. I only knew him for the several months we worked together so it wasn’t a deep relationship and we hadn’t talked since. But it hurt me knowing that someone who had a small impact on my life is gone.

Today I found out that a friend of mine passed away. It’s hard thing to take in right now. We had known each other since we were in elementary school and through high school. Although our friendship wasn’t extremely close, I still consider our friendship a good one. We would interact a little through Facebook and we saw each other at school reunions.

But it hurts right now because I don’t know how to take it in. I wonder if I had never moved from the Bay, we probably would have had a better friendship seeing each other. I also know that in those brief moments we did share together, they were fun and full of joy.

I feel sadness. I feel heartbroken. Even though we weren’t close, it breaks my heart. My buddy was my age. At such a young age too!

I have memories that I hold on to with my buddy. I keep remembering the great things I learned. One of the best writing tips I learned from you. The love of life, I picked up from you. I always felt that I could trust you when I needed help.

This is hard. Rest in peace my friend.


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The ‘Power Rangers’ movie was a beautiful story of empowering America’s youth

I just watched the Power Rangers movie and I have things to share. The second half of the post has spoilers so be careful when you get there. But first, some general thoughts.

It was nostalgic. Oh they had Bryan Cranston back which was nice! The names were the same and the whole premise was great. If you grew up watching the show as a kid, I think you would like this.

However, I do have to say that it was hard for me to get into this movie first because I held on to the past. I wanted to compare so much and find things I didn’t like. It was only until a little ways into the movie that I realized I had to let go. There were some great parts that took me back but it was a new chapter in the storytelling of Power Rangers. It was for the nostalgic kid in me and for the new generation to have their new heroes. Overall, I felt that they captured everything I needed to see in the movie. There was enough comedy, a little cheesy but a whole lot of fighting that gave me all the feels.

It was targeted to a PG-13 type audience and that was fine for me. I felt that anything less wouldn’t work for a movie coming out in 2017. It seemed like it was going in the direction of a movie like Spy Kids, but this was Spy Kids on steroids. It was action-packed and it was a simply fun movie. Letting go of the past allowed me to embrace this future.





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Two big things in my life

First of all, Prince music is back as they are set to do a Grammy tribute to him tonight.

Second of all, I finally am letting go of my beef with Ms. Korte. I am mailing this and it is closure.

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Farewell red brick dorms at SJSU

I lived in Royce during my freshman year. I experienced college there for the first time. Homework. Drinking. Slacking off. Drug use. I didn’t do all of that. But I saw some of it. Oh and it was fun to meet people and just getting to enjoy the college life right in the heart of campus.

They are gone now. I will miss it. So many memories all gone.

Thank you brick dorms. It was fun!

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I can’t believe I was part of the RAW after Mania crowd

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I was part of this epic night.

And WrestleMania the day before? Amazing!!!

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WrestleMania last night was such a blast

I cannot believe that I attended WrestleMania! What an amazing show. I had planned out the entire trip for months and it finally came. And knowing that I had all day, there was no rush to try to get to the Stadium. But wow, it was so awesome to be there. The setup looked amazing and the atmosphere was electric.

The fact that the sun was out for most of the show was tough. I was in section 214 and the sun was on me for five hours. I had my binoculars and my sunglasses, cap so I was OK. Still, it was tough on me.

But to be part of something so amazing was juts indescribable. Visually, it was great. The matches were fun and the storyline as great.

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RIP Robin Williams

When I was trying to figure out my career about 10 years ago, I was very close to get into teaching over my career as a writer.

The foundation for my passion to teach can be traced back to “Dead Poet’s Society.” What Robin Williams did in that movie made me believe that I can influence and change lives, open up avenues to young minds that they may never have thought possible. It’s not a glamorous profession to be a teacher, but it is the greatest joy to share your knowledge, your hopes and your love with one another and see it grow into something beautiful.

RIP Robin Williams

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