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Upset over poor word choice

Yeah this looks bad. But I also know that it was just worded poorly. You wouldn’t have “good” in quotes unless it is implying something about it.

Teacher could have worded it by saying “Name three reasons why slave owners wanted slavery” or something along those lines. It’s necessary to understand why people do certain things, even if it’s bad. But this is just poor word choice.


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Facebook is getting too emotional

Well, this is cool but not necessary. Oh well.

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I am saddened by what happened in Paris but I won’t be changing my Facebook profile picture to the French flag

** This isn’t addressed to anyone specifically. This is purely observational thought. I wrote this with nobody but everybody in mind. 

I don’t do viral things on Facebook. When people did the ALS bucket challenge, I didn’t do it. When people changed their profile to a cartoon, I didn’t do it. When same-sex marriage was legalized, I didn’t do it.

Now everyone is changing their profile pictures to the French flag, I once again won’t do it.

I am not against being public on social media with my concerns, sadness, emotions over things. I just don’t do it like this.

The first thing that bothered me about it is that the feature to change it says it’s a “temporary” change. So is our mourning temporary? What kind of message are we sending? For us to care about the aftermath of this senseless violence is only a temporary thing.

The instant you welcome something like this, a tragedy, into your profile picture, you are sending a message that this thing is important to you. But once you change it back to the normal profile picture you had, does this not matter to you anymore? Is your own face without the French flag more important than sending the message that you care?

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Clickbaiting made me miss the Ahmed Mohamed clock hoax bomb story when I first saw it

I hate clickbait articles on Facebook. I can’t stand reading links with headlines like “These two kids sat down to eat lunch, you won’t believe what happened next!” and the people who post them. This is so bad. I just ignore these things and I continue on with my Facebook feed with actual information that isn’t garbage.

So this morning when I saw this, I skimmed it thinking that it was nothing. Little did I know it was actual news that involved many important people, including the president.

But look at it. The photos are oddly placed like many clickbait photos. Then the headline, although subtle and to the point, was likely ignored by me all together. Look at that lede: “Ahmed Mohamed, 14, said he made a homemade clock to impress his teachers,…”

That is full on clickbait writing right there.

Maybe two years ago I would have clicked and read it. Now because of clickbaiting, anything that looks remotely like a garbage post gets ignored by me. Thanks to clickbaiting, I actually ignored some news because at this point, everything looks the same. Shame on you, clickbaiting!

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The great new social experiment or maybe not?

Here’s the thing. I didn’t change my profile picture. It’s not that I don’t care about the issue, but I just don’t care about following a trend. I haven’t changed my profile picture in two years and I want to keep it that way.

Whenever a trendy thing happens on Facebook, people jump on it like crazy. I don’t do that. I didn’t do the Kony. I didn’t change my profile to doppelganger. I didn’t change my profile to a cartoon character. I just don’t do that. Why? Because I do things on my accord.

So I saw this link and this was something I had thought along the lines about. Would Facebook keep stats and tracks of this? Of course they would! But was this the reason why they did this? I don’t know.

But I do want to say that every time there is a mass of something that goes on, people will do whatever the next sheep does. This is a great cause but it says a lot about you whenever you decide to follow along.

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I won a prize because I was one of five people who commented first

See that post? I was one of the five to post a comment. I just wrote “Me plz” in the comment. I knew that me being quick was the key to the whole thing so I didn’t even bother spelling correctly. I was contacted and now I await my prize!


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Facebook media: Game done changed

The fact they are showing and teaching us how to engage is a huge deal. Well done!



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