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The great new social experiment or maybe not?

Here’s the thing. I didn’t change my profile picture. It’s not that I don’t care about the issue, but I just don’t care about following a trend. I haven’t changed my profile picture in two years and I want to keep it that way.

Whenever a trendy thing happens on Facebook, people jump on it like crazy. I don’t do that. I didn’t do the Kony. I didn’t change my profile to doppelganger. I didn’t change my profile to a cartoon character. I just don’t do that. Why? Because I do things on my accord.

So I saw this link and this was something I had thought along the lines about. Would Facebook keep stats and tracks of this? Of course they would! But was this the reason why they did this? I don’t know.

But I do want to say that every time there is a mass of something that goes on, people will do whatever the next sheep does. This is a great cause but it says a lot about you whenever you decide to follow along.

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I won a prize because I was one of five people who commented first

See that post? I was one of the five to post a comment. I just wrote “Me plz” in the comment. I knew that me being quick was the key to the whole thing so I didn’t even bother spelling correctly. I was contacted and now I await my prize!


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Facebook media: Game done changed

The fact they are showing and teaching us how to engage is a huge deal. Well done!



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The #ALSIceBucketChallenge is wasting California’s water

The #IceBucketChallenge that’s going on all over social media is a Seinfeld episode.

Kramer is in California and everyone is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Kramer, being conscious of California’s water drought situation, decides to not participate in dousing himself in ice cold water. He knows that he can’t waste water.

He gets ostracized by his peers, including Bob and Cedric, whom have all done the ice bucket challenge, posted videos on Facebook and tagged friends to do the same.

“Aren’t you against ALS?” they ask.

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All praise ClickHole

I hate seeing every other link shared on Facebook with something stupid.

Today, I saw a link shared with this headline:

Hands down… this is my absolute favorite talent show performance OF ALL…

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Yo Facebook, Ban Links With Fake Video Play Buttons


Well, the problem isn’t the misleading images. The problem is that you are clicking links to stupid things. Look at the first few examples. None of those grab my attention. None of that should be interesting. It’s dumb.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Oh, cute cat video? Let me watch that for a second in the News Feed. Click the play button. NOPE. It was a lie. Just a static image of a play button designed to dupe me into clicking out to some crappy website. Feed reading, interrupted. User experience, injured. Likelihood I’ll click legitimate videos in the future, diminished. Facebook. Seriously. This BS needs to stop.

I get it. Sites are trying to convey they have video content to share, so they stick a fake play button on the link preview thumbnail image. But what they really want is my ad views, and they’re willing to trick me to get them.

CAT COMMERCIAL That play button is fake. ARRRGGGHH!

They could have put “Watch:” or “[Video]” in their link’s headline, but then I’d get to make the choice if I wanted to click away from Facebook to watch. Instead, they just make Facebook…

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#Facebook #is #adding #hashtags #to #their #sytem

It wouldn’t have been an issue if people weren’t linking and syncing their Twitter and Instagrams to their Facebook. #Hashtagging on Facebook is so annoying. And worst of all, through the sync, the usernames are put their too.

I don’t IG and it’s starting to annoy me. Now that people have been given the power to #hashtag on Facebook, we’ll see a cluster of people who don’t know how to #hashtag do it. Oh dear…

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