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I just saw Metric and it was awesome!

Pretty straight forward. I saw them. They are awesome. I love it! I want more!

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Facebook is getting too emotional

Well, this is cool but not necessary. Oh well.

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I attended the ‘Fuller House’ red carpet premiere and it was wonderful!

I got a GOFOBO to see the first episode (at least) of the new show Fuller House. As you know, this is a continuation of the original Full House. The entire original cast (minus the Olsen Twins) reprise their roles on the show. It’s a Netflix original and I was excited to check it out. I grew up watching the show and the nostalgia would be great.

As I got to the Grove, I would realize that it was actually the red carpet world premiere. There were media and a red carpet. The line was long so I had to quickly get in line. But still, it was awesome to see John Stamos walk by and then acknowledge us later.


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I really liked the first episode of 11.22.63

I finally watched the first episode of 11.22.63. This as you know is based off the Stephen King book about preventing JFK’s assassination. It is my favorite book from King. I had dreamed of it being a movie but I knew with so much detail it would best be served as a series. Now it’s here on Hulu and I love it.

Of course as I am watching this I have to judge this and compare it to the book. So far, all the important details remain the same. There are some name changes and time changes but that doesn’t affect the story at all. Instead we get a real riveting adaptation of the book in visual form. What I like most about it is that because I already know the story, I can anticipate what happens next and still get excited to see how it unfolds.

It sucks that I have to wait until next week to watch but it will be worth it. I hope people like it. The book is good and I hope the show does it justice.

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I saw Metallica at AT&T Park on Saturday night. It was great. It was awesome! Here are two videos! That’s all!!!

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Bay Area get yourself ready for me!

This is what’s going down as I make my return this weekend. Bay Area, get ready!

Friday: Arrive at noon. No plans for anything. You wanna do something? Hit me up.

Saturday: SF all day. Lunch in the City and Metallica at night.

Sunday: Somewhere and then a Super Bowl party!

Monday: Staying at home because it’s Chinese New Year baby!

Tuesday: Lunch in El Cerrito before another trip to San Jose.

Wednesday: Absolutely nothing. But a dinner time deal.

Thursday: Driving back to LA.


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