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I got to see Riothorse Royale one more time for their last night of residency

A few weeks ago I saw Riothorse Royale perform at The Satellite for residency. Last night was their last night and I made my way back there to support my favorite rockers.

The music was great as usual and I was able to bring my housemate to check them out. He dug them. I love listening to them live. As much as their studio sound is great, something about hearing them live and loud made them so special. I really like them so I am glad I got to see them one more time because their next show is TBA at the moment.

But what makes this group so fun are the individual members. I’ve been a fan of Madi Diaz since 2012 so I’ve followed her career. She keeps things upbeat and always seems to have fun. She smiled throughout half the show just enjoying herself. Before the show even started, she was setting up her equipment when she saw me in a RHR shirt. “Fuck yeah!” she said, giving me a high five. She’s awesome.

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How do you explain the Bible to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

On Saturday, I got to a free screening of the above movie. It’s really fascinating and I recommend you to go check out the trailer and see it. With the Twin Towers no longer in existence, it tugged on my heartstrings to see a movie about it and having the towers as a celebration of life.

With the idea of the towers in my mind still as I went into Sunday School, the topic of the Bible was brought up in preparation of the day’s sermon. The question asked simply was: “How would you explain the Bible to someone who doesn’t know what it is?”

That’s not an easy question. As easy as it is to talk about the Bible among Christians, it’s so hard to talk about it with someone who doesn’t know what it is. Even among Christians, do we actually sit down and talk and discuss what exactly this famous book really is about? We know what’s in it but what value does it hold?

Yet somehow, someway, the image of the movie and the actual story couldn’t leave my head. Why was this so important to me at this time? Then in my heart and in my mind, and possibly through God, I felt that the building was my starting point to answering this question.

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I saw Mew last night and it might have been the greatest concert I ever attended

I discovered Mew when I was in college and since then I have had a very fond connection with them. Their sound is so unique and the more I listened to them, the more I felt that they were a truly magical band. I attended a concert to see them six years ago to coincide with their last album. It was a great show but I was still new to their music so I only recognized half of the songs they did. Still, it was an amazing show.

This year they released their newest album. The album is really nice and I have grown to love it. When I found out that they were touring America again, I had to get my ticket. I bought the presale and began counting down the days to the show. (And while I waited, I was featured in their music video.)

What’s really cool is that this band isn’t super mainstream but they have their hardcore fans. I was surrounded by them at the show. I even talked with this guy named John who attended the show himself and we chatted up for a bit.


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Clickbaiting made me miss the Ahmed Mohamed clock hoax bomb story when I first saw it

I hate clickbait articles on Facebook. I can’t stand reading links with headlines like “These two kids sat down to eat lunch, you won’t believe what happened next!” and the people who post them. This is so bad. I just ignore these things and I continue on with my Facebook feed with actual information that isn’t garbage.

So this morning when I saw this, I skimmed it thinking that it was nothing. Little did I know it was actual news that involved many important people, including the president.

But look at it. The photos are oddly placed like many clickbait photos. Then the headline, although subtle and to the point, was likely ignored by me all together. Look at that lede: “Ahmed Mohamed, 14, said he made a homemade clock to impress his teachers,…”

That is full on clickbait writing right there.

Maybe two years ago I would have clicked and read it. Now because of clickbaiting, anything that looks remotely like a garbage post gets ignored by me. Thanks to clickbaiting, I actually ignored some news because at this point, everything looks the same. Shame on you, clickbaiting!

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I got to see Riothorse Royale again and it keeps getting more fun!

Can I apply to be an official Riothorse Royale groupie?

OK, maybe I’m not big of a fan. But I am a big fan. The duo is performing every Monday for free this month at The Satellite. I became a fan of this group because one of the members is one of my favorite singers of all time. Naturally this style is something I really dig. Back in July I saw them perform and I really liked it. (They told me then that they might be doing a residency at The Satellite but it wasn’t confirmed — well, it was and I was there.)

Let me tell you, their sound live is way better than the recorded studio version of their songs and that’s a good thing.

I was really looking forward to this performance because I knew it was going to be a really exciting one for me. But what made this even more special was that it capped off a holiday weekend and the live sound was going to be great.


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I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see E.T. with the LA Philharmonic

As you know, I love E.T. I love the movie a lot. So when I found out that they were going to show the movie and have the LA Philharmonic Symphony play the entire score during the movie, I was on it!

This is my second time at the Hollywood Bowl. In fact, it was almost a year ago I saw the Simpsons there. But this was something special too.

What was really special about this was that I was surprised by the reaction of the crowd during the movie. Either these people have never seen it before or they like to laugh at everything funny. Either way, it was really pleasant to watch the movie while the orchestra perform. It felt so smooth and flawless. During the movie, I didn’t even really notice it was a live orchestra performing during the movie.

There were two cheers during the film and both of them were when the bicycle flying scene.

I really had fun. I like these. I want to go to another one!

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