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Gold Medal Wearers Are Committing Usury

One of the worst things I fear about the Christian faith is when people try to spew their Christian morals like this. It’s like when people stand on the corner of the street and shout out Bible versus injecting fear into people.

There’s a huge problem when people who claim to be Christian rub this kind of fear to all non-believers. Worst of all is when the believers see this and now get an unfair representation of themselves.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Can we eliminate people that continue to use Jesus as a scare tactic instead of a way to promote love?


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It’s been a fun month of pie

Walk-off pies are fun!

I don’t think I have been this excited about A’s baseball since their Moneyball days. The fact that this team is winning games when nobody thought they would makes it special. What also makes the games special are the finishes — the walk-offs.

I do wonder about this A’s team and if they will make a trade today at the deadline. They need a bat at shortstop and a really could use another arm in the pen. At this point, I am OK with them parting away with some of the key components to this fun run (Griffin?) but if this team is serious about winning, they have to make the move.

The A’s are only 3.5 games out of first place and even though it is unlikely Texas will give that division lead up, it shows how good this A’s team is right now. Everything is fun right now. None of that weak stuff on the other side they call “torture” or whatever. This is just fun.

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Why I’m Thankful I Got a D

There are two people that I credit for inspiring me to become a writer. Maybe I should write to them like this person did.

chica and bubba

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are supposed to write a letter to someone?  Maybe it’s a get well card for someone battling a nasty illness, a hello message for a friend I haven’t seen in ages, or a thank you card for a helpful neighbor.  I get those feelings quite often, but 99% of the time I just ignore them.  Maybe I can’t find the right kind of stationery, or if I could, I know I couldn’t find an address and a stamp.  I make really good excuses, and those really good notes go unwritten.

About a week ago I again had that feeling after reading the editor’s note in Real Simple magazine.  It was about thanking someone for a conversation that changed your life.  I immediately had a person in mind, but I began rationalizing that I would never find a way to…

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My PBS childhood remixed for you all

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Celebrating Superman the only way I know how

Can’t wait to read it!

Saw the trailer for the new Superman and I hope it is good. I am critical of previous movies and nothing compares to the Christopher Reeve trilogy. But this one looks promising and I hope it does deliver.

I also discovered that there is a Superman book. It came out last month and I ordered it. It came in today and I am going to start reading it. It details the creation of the superhero and its appearance in American culture. From comics to radio shows all the way to the big screen and TV screens, it’s a great look into my favorite superhero.

After all these years, Superman is still America’s favorite hero.

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Farewell Ichiro, I can’t cheer for you anymore

My thoughts on the Ichiro trade.

But at the end of the day...

I have been privileged to have seen Ichiro Suzuki play ball for so many games. As an A’s fan, it was easy to get to Oakland and see the A’s take on the rival Mariners. Heck, even when I visited Safeco field several years back (best ballpark I’ve ever been to), I sat 17 rows in foul territory and it felt like I was sitting right there with Ichiro.

So with the trade of Ichiro to the Yankees official, I can no longer cheer for him. It is that because of what the A’s did to the Yankees this weekend that the Yankees made a desperate trade. But ultimately, it’s because Ichiro plays for the Evil Empire that makes it hard for me to cheer for him.

I sound like I am getting emotional as if Ichiro was retiring, but this is like a retirement for me. Over the past…

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10 Men, 11 Walk Offs!

I approve!

A's Ticket Services

The A’s lead the league in walk off wins this year with 11! The craziest part about it is Coco Crisp was the first Athletic to contribute for 2 of those wins. How many different A’s are going to step up and win a game for the A’s? Here’s a photo collection of all of the walk off wins to this point:

April 11: Jonny Gomes flexes after winning the game with a rare walk-off HBP.

April 25: Kila Ka’aihue’s flare was enough to boost the A’s over the White Sox.

May 8: Brandon Inge crouches to make sure his walk-off GS stays fair against Toronto.

June 21: Yoenis Cespedes blasts a line-drive walk-off HR to finish off the Dodgers.

June 24: Derek Norris’ first career HR won it against the Giants.

July 3: Coco’s sac fly against Boston scored Cliff Pennington and sealed the W.

July 6: Josh Reddick…

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