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The story of how I interviewed Jeremy Lin for Asian Heritage Night and ran into him at Denny’s

Jeremy Lin was nice enough to take a pic with us at Denny's.

Everybody knows about Jeremy Lin so I won’t go into detail about his story. But I will tell you my story of how I got to meet him and then see him again.

My buddy Truth (yes, that’s his name) was able to get me a press pass for Friday’s Asian Heritage Night at the Warriors game. Because of that, I was able to get to the game and pretty much have ALL ACCESS to everything in the arena. I got to be on the floor during warmups, player introductions and sat next to Damon Bruce all night.

During the game, I even got a chance to meet the great Filipino boxer Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton and her manager too. So sweet!

But the highlight of the night was just being a member of the media and getting a chance to go to the locker room after the game to talk with Lin about his NBA debut. And I have proof that I was there.

The guy was very humbled and totally down to earth. I decided to write a piece about him and I’ll post it here.

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Come on Shaq! Free throws are easy: My story of me shooting an NBA free throw and a date with Jeremy Lin

Pic of all of us before some of us went to shoot the free throws

On Wednesday, my buddies and I went to Opening Night of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors beat the Houston Rockets by four points.

It was cool because prior to the game, we had courtside seats to watch the players warm up. I finally got to see Yao Ming in real life. He’s so tall. He didn’t play in the game but he did do some drills during the warm ups.

I’ll fast forward to the end. After the game, there was a promotion where certain fans could go down to the court and shoot free throws to win a prize. The prize was two courtside seats to a future home game. In order to win, one person has to make two free throws in a row to advance to the next round. Then the process repeats.

There were about 300 people +/- 100 that were there. We got in line and waited our turn. Before that, I was a little nervous but I had confidence in my shot. The hard part about it was that this was my first time on the court, first time touching an official NBA ball and I had no warm ups before that.

But I got up to the line, readied myself and nailed the first one. I had to make the next one to advance. I shot it short and I was eliminated. It sucked, but it taught me a valuable lesson: free throws are easy.

Well, the fact that I had no prior preparation and that it was my first time, the shot was easy and I made my first attempt. Actually, it probably was a lot of muscle memory that kicked in. Anyway, there was some pressure but I was relaxed. So, in the end, I learned that the ball is really rough and free throws are easy. And that’s my story of how I shot two free throws on a real NBA court, missed one, and learned that Shaq really sucks at free throws.

Also, tomorrow I am going back to Oracle Arena with a press pass to watch the game for free AND to meet and greet Jeremy Lin for Asian Heritage Night. I’ll try to take some pics, get some soundbites and all the goodies. But I have to be professional too. Stay tuned!!!!

On the court, right before we went to shoot our free throws

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How NOT To Get A Job After Graduation (via PRetty in Pittsburgh)

Glad I came across this. A lot of smart tips on job hunting and whatnot. Even though I am interning, this is good info. Still want to keep my options open and land that dream job. Who knows where I’ll end up?

How NOT To Get A Job After Graduation Remember when I wrote the post “Cringeworthy Antics of Some Job Seekers?” Well, I took that rant to an audience last night at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where I serve as their PRSSA chapter’s professional advisor. Below, see my presentation I gave to the students on how NOT to get a job…and how social media can help them along the way. Also, check me out on the radio! Eat your heart out, Delicious Dish.         [sli … Read More

via PRetty in Pittsburgh

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LeBron’s new Nike commercial just gave me a real negative feeling about him

That is the new commercial that Nike just put out featuring LeBron James. And I must say, it just felt real evil.

Throughout the entire commercial, James poses questions asking fans what he should have done. In the commercial you see him during “The Decision” and he starts thinking back on things that he did (some good, some viewed as bad) and then some other random ideas of what he could have done.

The point of the commercial, to me, is with Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” is to tell fans that LeBron did what he wanted to do. He’s not going to be influenced by everyone else. Essentially, it’s just a big F-U to everyone.

The way I interpret it, it’s just a commercial where he’s in the center of everything. That our feelings don’t matter to him. And yes, to an extent he can’t worry about our feelings. But to once again rub it into our face and tell us that? Not a good move.

Nike is known for making good commercials with athletes. But with now Tiger Woods and LeBron James using Nike to restore their image, I don’t know. I just see money and lots of heavily influenced PR all around (and not the good kind — if there is any).

Here’s Tiger’s commercial. It’s not as bad as LeBron’s but it was really bold. Really bold to use audio of his father to help save his image.

Anyway, both these commercials really don’t help improve the image I have on either of these guys.


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Remedy for sniffles, soar throat and insomnia: Hot soup, lots of rest and some prayer

Have you ever seen that movie “Unbreakable”? There’s a scene in the movie where Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson) asks (David) Bruce Willis’ character “How many sick days have you had?”

David realizes that he has never been sick, nor injured in his life. It’s because he has some special gift that prevents him from physically suffering.

This is what I'm gonna be having to heal my sickness.

Why do I bring this up? No reason… except that I kinda am like David. Well, not in the part where I am indestructible, but the part that I rarely ever get sick. But then again, I might just have a good immune system. Every year I usually get sick maybe once or twice, but most times it lasts only a couple days. In the past month I’ve had food poisoning and this morning I wake up with the sniffles and soar throat.

I think it’s because I tried to stay up last night… all the way to 1AM. Since working, I have been waking up at 7AM, getting home at 6PM and sleeping right before midnight. Last night I barely could stay up until 11PM but I toughed it out. Because of that I am sick. Plus some loser called my house looking for my mom at 8:30AM… some telemarketer. Woke me up and I didn’t go back to sleep.

So what’s the solution to the sickness? Well, it’s gotta be some nice hot soup and a lot of prayer. I don’t know if I’ve prayed enough over my health in recent years but I have been very lucky to not have any major diseases or anything that prevents me from living a normal life. So at a time like this, recognizing God’s blessing on me is needed.

I’ve been ignoring prayer a lot recently and it’s just because I am so burned out every day. But now as my “burnedness” has got me sick, I realize that I still need God and that I have to make time for him. I know it shouldn’t take some lame sickness to do it to me, but I’m just glad that God can take this away. I’m still going to get rest, stay hydrated and do all the right things to get my body physically OK. But a good ol prayer will take care of that and heal a spiritually weak soul at the same time.

I gotta get my refocus on that’s for sure.

And “Unbreakable” actually has nothing to do with me. I just feel that is a very underrated movie.

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Caramel: It’s pronounced ‘care-a-mel’ because that’s what it’s supposed to sound like ‘pho-ne-tic-al-ly’

Good candy. Bad for your teeth.

Random thought going through mind because I’m that kind of a person. The above picture is caramel candy. I like it. It tastes good. Whenever I get a box of See’s candy, I just hope I find the caramel candy.

But as I wonder about this great word, I still can’t figure out why people call it “car-mel” when it should be pronounced “care-a-mel”.

If you even look at its spelling, phonetically, it’s “care-a-mel”. So why do people call it “car-mel”?


Work has been a good and bad for me. I hate waking up early and hate staring at a computer screen for hours. But the good thing about work is that the people seem to like me and I’m getting along with everybody fine there.

However, like any working person that does the 9-5 thing, I’m tired. I wake up at 7AM and don’t get home until 6PM most days. It’s tiring. And because of that, I am stupid tired super early at night. And also, since I’m tired when I get home, I have nothing to do and no one to hang out with and yeah… It just is a transition I have to get used to. I kinda wish that that gig paid me a lot more (now it’s just fluctuating real bad the team sucks and nobody clicks the links anymore).

If I got paid more in that gig, then it’d be something I really want to dedicate myself too. I enjoy it a lot more than the current thing I am doing because I am actually out there with real players doing real reporting.

Oh well, it’s just a part of life I have to get used to. Just gotta get through it.

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Stereotyping people because of the cars they drive: Two fun carpooling stories

I love to stereotype in the most positive way… yes, that is possible.

But before I get into that, I have a story to tell.

Yesterday, I had to drive to the carpool pickup by myself. This is what a carpool pickup is for those of you unfamiliar with the it. Throughout the East Bay, there are designated locations where people can pick up other people and carpool to San Francisco.

Since going to SF from the East Bay cost money (and now carpool does too), a system has been placed where random people pickup other random people so they can get to the three-person minimum for carpool so they can bypass the bridge toll. I’ve been doing this for years but now since I am working in SF, it’s a required must for me.

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