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Check out my ‘Back to the Future: Part II’ shoes

So I forgot to blog about this. But hey, I got plenty of time.

I ordered these several months ago and they are official replicas of the shoes. It’s not made by Nike but I could of course modify them if I wanted to. Still, it’s a good deal for $100. The lights work and it feels good enough to wear. I might not even wear these at all. Except maybe for one day to celebrate Marty’s visit to 2015 in October.

Other than that, this is a pretty cool thing to have. I don’t know what I would do with it after that. I suppose I could just display it or sell it. Who knows if any of the new shoes some other company makes, or even Nike makes, will be available by then.


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That Phillip Lim bag thing and the silliness

As much as I am into fashion, I don’t know anything about this Phillip Lim cat and his new bags he had at Target. But apparently, it made people act a fool.

I won’t say bags are useless because they aren’t. And you know what, this kind of behavior is silly. But if there are no parameters put, what do you expect? Target could have done a lot better in organizing it.

But I suppose that this isn’t something that they normally deal with so they will just take this and learn. As for this video, some dudes were grabbing bags. I hope they were doing it for their wives. And really, who needs that many bags?

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Yeah, I cried watching the latest episode of Project Runway

Yes, I watch Project Runway. It’s a great show and for me, it’s teaches me a lot about fashion. As you know, I have an eye for fashion and it just is so fascinating.

Even if you haven’t watched a single episode before, I say you have to watch this one. It’s so emotional and I just cried my eyes out.


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A very strange incident involving flat-brimmed caps’ popularity

Blog on my weekend coming up. But here’s a quick story on what happened to me Tuesday.

But at the end of the day...

I was at a sports shop yesterday and I was looking at a few caps they had for sale. I saw one very unique San Diego Padres cap and I asked the worker there if he could get me one in my size to try on.

The cap had not been worn before, so the brim of it was flat. But since I find the flat-brimmed style as something I don’t like, nor feel comfortable wearing, I started to bend the brim of it before I put it on. I like all of my caps bills bent — it feels better to me.

Then another worker (wearing a flat-brimmed cap) at the store saw me bending and scolded me for bending it, threatening me that if I bend the bill, I have to buy it. He claimed that bending the bill of the cap decreases its value.

I questioned back…

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Good deal and feeling fresh

Took me a month and half to get the one of the left. The one on the right was a splurge sale decision.

About a month and a half ago I placed an order online for the above A’s cap. The sizing was wrong so I returned it for an exchange. I finally got my new cap back. It fits great. The other one I am waiting for will come in September.

They told me the other one I exchanged for is discontinued and they will refund me. It’s still listed on their site so I called again and talked to another rep and he said I’ll just have to wait for September. MLB Shop is pretty good with their stuff but misinforming me is not cool.

The Blue Jays cap I got yesterday since Lids was having a 35% sale. There was nothing else I liked enough except for this beauty. Couldn’t pass it up! But I won’t wear it until I’m ready.

Happy Independence Day!

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UNIQLO is coming to San Francisco and I’m gonna buy buy buy


UNIQLO baby!!!!

Rumors have been confirmed. UNIQLO is coming to San Francisco!

I have been a fan of this place since I first went to their Hong Kong store a long time ago. Then whenever I am in New York, I gotta go too. I got like three shirts from this place and this baller jacket.

The fashion is so dope and the styles are so frsh. Yes yes yes! I am a fashion geek and this is the kind of stuff that tickles my fancy. I am so happy that it’s coming to the Bay and yes, I will have to open up my wallet to look fly!


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