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‘Eight Days a Week’ was a great trip to Beatles memory lane

This was an absolute blast to watch this last night. I really enjoyed the rare clips and the stories behind the band during the touring years. Yes, it seems like it was the same as the anthology but what made it different was that for two hours, it focused solely on the band and this four-year window during their touring days.

They shared about the people they had to work with, the agony of escaping fans, the drama of being The Beatles and the desire to get out of touring when the pressure mounted.

This was an absolute gem of a movie just learning, singing and reliving all the memories of The Beatles during the height of their popularity. They enjoyed the fame but everything that came with it was so tough. I think Paul’s line was the best (paraphrasing): “We were kings but we felt like prisoners.”

It was heartbreaking in some sense but thrilling as well. Now every time I see clips, I now see it in a different perspective. They weren’t all happy. It was tough. It was obligation. It was life being The Beatles.

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I saw ‘Batman v. Superman’ again and it was way better

I saw the movie again and I must say it was better the second time around. I think because I now knew what to expect, what to look out for, that I was able to really appreciate the movie.

There were certain connections to the entire story that wasn’t there for me until this second time. I noticed more detail, mot Easter Eggs and a lot more. I still love this movie and Wonder Woman still steals the entire movie.

I can’t wait for the Justice League now! Give it to me!!!

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My ‘Batman v. Superman’ movie review

If you want a well-thought out post, go to here:

This movie was everything I hoped it would be. But it still was a little messy and a little complicated. But that’s what I expected. Zack Snyder has created a universe that is not so easy to figure out. The characters are emotional wrecks. The villains are a lot more maniacal. And the way things developed have so much back and forth it really gets heavy.

But what I got out of this movie is that the real world caught up with itself. It’s true that in a situation like this, we do wonder whether or not we could trust Superman. And is Batman really the answer to all this? This is what the movie gave us. I sensed some real dilemma in who to root for and that stems from how we could really react if this was real life.

Overall though, I liked it and I will watch it again. What I take from this movie is that our fantasies and hopes of what it could be will never be met. Instead it’s a dose of reality and hardships that we somehow can fully understand better by watching it. It’s complicated — just the way it should be.

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I just got the Peanuts Movie and I am so happy!!!!!

This is all you need to know. I woke up to get to Target right when it opened! Yes!!!!! And the plush!!!

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That’s right! I saw ‘The Peanuts Movie’ twice already

As you know, I am a huge fan of the Peanuts. I love Charlie Brown so much. His heart is so warm and his optimism remains despite all his shortcomings. I was hoping this movie would capture that and it did beautifully. I liked it so much, I saw it twice.

It takes a lot of the simple messages all people go through and still make it relevant. I look at the classic scenes we grew up with watching the gang (dancing, kite flying, red-haired girl) and it still employed that into the story. The animation was really cute and the voice acting was superb.

The message of the movie was simple and at the end, I felt real good. My eyes watered. I was happy. This is why I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy and all the gang. They show us the innocence in the tough times we deal with daily. I recommend this movie. So good!

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How I got to spend ‘Back to the Future’ day chatting with Lea Thompson

Source: How I got to spend ‘Back to the Future’ day chatting with Lea Thompson


You wanna know how I celebrate “Back to the Future?” Check my story!

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How do you explain the Bible to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

On Saturday, I got to a free screening of the above movie. It’s really fascinating and I recommend you to go check out the trailer and see it. With the Twin Towers no longer in existence, it tugged on my heartstrings to see a movie about it and having the towers as a celebration of life.

With the idea of the towers in my mind still as I went into Sunday School, the topic of the Bible was brought up in preparation of the day’s sermon. The question asked simply was: “How would you explain the Bible to someone who doesn’t know what it is?”

That’s not an easy question. As easy as it is to talk about the Bible among Christians, it’s so hard to talk about it with someone who doesn’t know what it is. Even among Christians, do we actually sit down and talk and discuss what exactly this famous book really is about? We know what’s in it but what value does it hold?

Yet somehow, someway, the image of the movie and the actual story couldn’t leave my head. Why was this so important to me at this time? Then in my heart and in my mind, and possibly through God, I felt that the building was my starting point to answering this question.

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