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Don’t wish me a ‘Happy Holidays’ while we’re at church

I hate the term “Happy Holidays” around these parts. If you celebrate Christmas, just say “Merry Christmas” and move on. Yet I have encountered “Happy Holidays” while at church. That’s weird. Jesus isn’t a touchy subject in these parts.

I don’t know if it’s too much pressure to remain PC that it carries over. Maybe they don’t Jesus isn’t important. I don’t know. But this PC thing has gone so far even the church isn’t safe from it.


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Merry Christmas to you and you and you!

So on Wednesday I celebrated Festivus. I hate what Christmas has become: a commercialized money-spending hog of a holiday.

I don’t give gifts. I don’t do cards. I don’t do decorations. I don’t sing songs.

But out of all that, I still remember the real meaning of Christmas. This is the fulfillment of God’s promise of salvation. This is John 3:16. This is God loving us so much that He gave up what means the most to Him.

This is why Christmas matters to me.

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The Beatles are on Spotify!


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Just got back from the ‘Seinfeld’ apartment in Hollywood

You all know I am a huge Seinfeld fan. So when I found out they were going to recreate the apartment out in Hollywood, I had to go there. The wait of course would be long for this free event but I didn’t care. I had to go. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. And let me tell you, it was worth it!

The exhibit was to open at 10AM but I knew that with the popularity of the show with its revival with Hulu, I had to get there somewhat early. I got in line at around 9:15AM. It would take me about 90 minutes in line before I could get in. By noon time, the line was a four-hour wait.

As I walked in, I was greeted by a ton of famous quotes from the show. True fans would recognize each and every one of them. In front was the booth from Monk’s on display.


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My car got hit today

It was a minor accident. In fact, it was so minor that it was nothing.

I was at a red light when I felt a bump. It was this SUV that had hit my bumper. We both pulled over to a quiet street to assess the damage. The top part of my bumper has scratches on it, paint chipped. And the force cracked my license plate frame.

We exchanged our information. I took out my Triple A membership card and not my insurance card. Oops. Wrong one. But I filed a claim with the driver’s insurance company and now I will have to take my car in to assess the damages. It shouldn’t be too much but still, there is not a scrape on my bumper with paint chipped off.

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Putting faith in God to do something with my money for someone I’ve never met

I am completely acting on faith in God.

About a month ago I was asked to seriously consider going to Urbana. I am very familiar with the conference that is held in St. Louis every three years. They have amazing pastors, speakers and a whole lot of workshops to really help people grow in their faith in Jesus.

I was hesitant to do it because I didn’t think I’d get the time. And of course, money was also an issue (even though half the cost was going to be sponsored by my church). But I decided that I can’t let my own fears stop me. I was going to act upon it even though I may not have felt ready.

So I put in the time off request at work. I left it in God’s hands. If I was meant to go, then God will deliver Urbana to me.

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I have a #Festivus pole!

I should have posted this when I got it, but it’s never too late to celebrate Festivus! I hate what Christmas has become and this is my only way of fighting it.

I seriously am thinking about a dinner on December 23 to air my grievances. I am for real.

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