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I saw Princess last night and I felt all the Prince vibes

I miss Prince. But a chance to see Princess (a Prince cover band with Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum) was special. The whole night felt like a Prince karaoke dance party.

I got to the Teragram Ballroom and the evening started with Computer Blue — the first lines of it. It was amazing to see so many Prince fans just being so happy. The stage was filled with members of the band as if they were to dressed as part of Prince’s crew.

Even though this was a special kind of music, it felt like Prince was still with us. It is indescribable to tell you how much I loved just hearing the songs, then singing along with them. The group even had their comments on how much they didn’t like Donald Trump. Regardless, the evening was full of dancing, full of mimicking everything accurately to Prince. Then at the end, they tossed the fake flowers to the crowd (I got one) and we waved and sang the final part of Purple Rain together.

What an amazing show! It was so special. It was perfect!!


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St. Jerome Catholic School will be no more and I am sad

This really saddens me. The elementary school I attended from grades 2-8 is going to shut down at the end of the school year.

I am so sad because I wpent so much time here and I learned a lot as a kid. I made great friends, learned a lot of valuable things and I was challenged to fight against the authority (in one way shape or form).

It was a pretty good school considering all that it was. It wasn’t a big school but it provided me a place where I was comfortable learning. It was kind of organized compared to the first school I attended.

I had a lot of great memories here. I am sad that it’s leaving. What a shame!

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My opinion on Steve Harvey’s racist comments against Asian men

Oh and the people were laughing with it too.

What sucks is that the stereotype of Asian men isn’t very flattering, thus making Asian men not desirable. And Steve Harvey believes it too.

Do I care what he thinks? No. But I have much less respect for him because of this.

And I do still believe the stereotype of Asian men. Why? Because most of the Asian men I see are these stereotypes. They’re basically good at math, or doing some kind of tech work, they aren’t out in about in the Hollywood premise and all that. Some of it is not our fault. Some of it is culture. So the perception of Asian men is exactly what Harvey is saying. It’s unfair and it’s wrong but it exists because it’s an unfair truth.

Not all Asian men fit the stereotype. I am not the stereotype. And I can try my best to change the view of Asian men. But as long as the public perception continues of this and the men actually further these perceptions, it will remain. I’m not racist against my own kind but I am not ignorant to why these stereotypes exist.

Asian men are desirable. They are awesome. But the perceptions of us (some by our own fault, some by the fault of others) breathe it into existence. It’s unfair. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t happen this way. I’d like to see it changed but Harvey doesn’t help it. But it’s the time we live in unfortunately.

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‘A Walk to Remember’ the musical is a thing and I am going!

I love the movie. I cry in it.

And now it’s a musical! With PLL’s Janel Parrish!

Oh yes wow OMG! I am going!!

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At the Rose Parade and I talked with a Christian with a big sign and a pre-recorded message

Every year since I have moved to SoCal, I have always attended the Rose Parade. It’s a fun thing that I wanted to do since I was a kid and now that I live here, I make it a priority to attend every year. It’s fun and I like to just watch the floats, people watch and just see the excitement. But one of the things that I have adopted is to talk with the people who hold up the big Jesus signs.

You know who they are. Like the photo of the one on the right I took today. They hold these big signs with verses from the Bible that call for people to repent, follow Jesus or eternal damnation will happen.

I am fascinated by these people. One, they are very vocal and very loud. Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t know.

The second reason why I like them is because they got major balls to be so bold in faith like this. I have to talk to them. So I have in years past. I did it again today.

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