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No more 3AM shifts for me

Sunday was my last 3AM shift. I am done with the ticker and now I move on to social media. What does that mean? I trade in 3AM shifts for 90 minutes in morning commute traffic. I trade in my news judgment and gathering for interactive fun with fans. It’s not what I wanted to do as I pursued journalism in college but as the times change, so do I.

Let’s see where this takes me.



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Winning design of #DesignTheSign gets a lot of negative feedback

95.7 The Game held a contest for fans to submit designs for signs to be used and distributed during the playoffs. The revealed the winner but it has not received a lot of positive feedback.

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My final farewell to the great Mariano Rivera

Exit Sandman forever.

But at the end of the day...

I’m still thinking about his exit at Yankee Stadium earlier this week. Who didn’t get emotional seeing that? For such a great, classy professional, this was the most perfect sendoff for him. And to see Mariano Rivera cry also, shows how much he cares about the game and is appreciative for everything we’ve given him.

Even though I despise the Yankees, there was always an exception to a few players on the team that I did like. Hideki Matsui was one that I felt didn’t fit in with the “Evil Empire” identity of the team. Derek Jeter was also another one I admired and respected — especially after that flip to Posada to tag Jeremy Giambi. But Mariano Rivera was the one I could not hate.

As it has been documented over the years, and a lot more this week, Rivera was the perfect baseball player. He took advantage…

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Is it OK for me to wear a T-shirt and shorts to church?

For the longest time, I believed that this was the way it had to be for me at church.

Earlier this week, I read a blog entry called “I Hate Church” and it described an experience a lot of people who don’t go to church go through whenever they first visit a church. Check out their info, they’re pretty awesome.

Does the church actually make it welcoming for outsiders? What if a man in a torn shirt and ripped jeans showed up to the church — would we make him feel welcome? Here’s a bit from the blog that is the inspiration for this blog entry:

“…My wife and I find ourselves deciding to visit some prominent churches in our city, as well as churches that we have preached at in the past. She would wear a mini-skirt, I would wear some baggy jeans with a hat put on backwards, with big diamond earrings in my ears, and we would pretend like we didn’t know much about how “church worked.” In almost every single church no one would say hi to us, people would simply stare at us, I had people in services tap me on my shoulder and tell me to take my hat off… Some of my Pastor friends didn’t even recognize it was me and were absolutely shocked when I revealed myself. All in all… most places left me not wanting to ever come back. I remember in one service I couldn’t even focus on the message because I was so infuriated as to how this one lady treated me. I wanted to tell her I’m an ordained minister and read off my rap sheet out of some misplaced sense of pride, but I managed to keep it together.”

This experience is something I get. I never dressed out of place in church. In fact, I was programmed to be that person to stare at people who dressed in “non-church clothes.” I was that judgmental person.

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As much as I am on Twitter, I try to avoid #hashtags. I sometimes use it but it has reason. Most times I actually use #hashtags people are using, not long made up ones.

And if you think about, this is how stupid you sound on Twitter. #IAteTheBones

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I Hate Church…


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The joy in seeing the A’s win the division title again

Celebrating good times, c;mon!

It wasn’t like last year where the A’s had to make this miraculous run towards the end of the season. Instead, the A’s took control of their own destiny and just ran faster than the Rangers to the finish line. What we got was the same gritty passionate A’s team with a new identity.

They are no longer this group of new faces in new places. They’re a year old now, a little wiser and a lot more established. They believe that they can do it. They expect to do it. Their expectations are high.

And that’s what it should be. After last year’s icing on the cake season, this year’s team knows that they are one of the best. Maybe they are the best. Now it’s no longer trying to prove the league that they are for real. People know now. It’s not time to show them how great they can be.

Just seeing this A’s team on TV win the division again was great. It’s what brings me home and really just makes me happy to know that the one thing that keeps me rooted back home is doing oh so well.

I’ll see them in Anaheim tomorrow night. I need to congratulate them. I’ve full of joy.

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