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Popping pimple toy thing is stupid

People have acne and it is a serious condition. But hey, let’s make it a kids toy or something like that.

This also reminds me of people who wear glasses simply for fashion, not a prescription. I wear glasses because I need it to see. How are you turning my condition into a fashion statement?

This is your America!


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Worst Christmas car commercial ever


Probably the worst Christmas commercial I have ever seen. This company, along with Apple’s “What’s a computer?”, is so far removed from reality.

The car bow commercials have existed for years, but it’s been so ingrained into this boy’s mind that every Christmas he expects to see a new car parked outside. This is not normal behavior. This is also not reality. Where in the world where this type of mindset and expectations are normal things you allow your kid to live with?

These commercials have warped this boy’s mind where even into his adulthood, he hopes that someone would just gift him a brand new luxury car. SMH.


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Just watched the pilot for ‘Mr. Mercedes’

I am always curious when it comes to film adaptations of books I have read.

This was one of my favorite books from Stephen King so I am curious how this mini-series would turn out. I liked when Hulu did 11/22/63

Overall, the first episode was really good. It captured everything I needed to know and it ended on a good cliffhanger. The story was told well where I was hooked enough even if I h ad never read the book.

I didn’t like the Scottish accent in the guy who plays Bill. It just doesn’t work with everyone in American accents.

It’s on the AT&T Network or something so finding streams of it is harder. I hope it’s not that hard when I watch the next episode.

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I was on the Price is Right!

Yesterday I finally did it! I attended The Price is Right!

OK, so there was a long wait and I didn’t impress the producer enough to get called on down, but it was so cool to finally be a part of the show I watched growing up. I nearly lost my voice cheering on hoping to get the camera’s attention.

I sat right behind Colleen who did get called on down. So I will see if the Camera got me when they air on November 1.

But the experience of going through the taping and wondering what would happen if I did get called was fun.

Maybe I’ll go again. I liked it!

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ is finally done and I am relieved

It’s done!!

What started out for me as a show of curiosity of a mystery ended up as a show that dragged me to the finish line. So many times there were so many plot twists and turns I couldn’t keep up. I sometimes struggled to figure out what was going on and some episodes were just not satisfying at all. My confusion of many things didn’t help.

There were twins (two now!) and so many weird connections and how some people were the villains but ended up not made it a difficult follow many times.

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Two frustrating shows I just finished that I can’t stop thinking about: ’13 Reasons Why’ & ‘Famous in Love’

This past week I finished two shows that were the complete opposite of each other in terms of mood and storytelling. Both shows I enjoyed for what they provided but both were frustrating. They both got me thinking but I also realized that my appetite for television has such a huge range. I guess that’s good but it also opens me up to be more critical.

I want to start out with Famous in Love because it’s not as frustrating because my expectations for it isn’t as high. But still, it’s not a top-quality kind of show.

There will be spoilers here so proceed accordingly. 

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I am sick and tired of hearing about the kids interrupting the BBC interview

If you haven’t been online today, then you probably don’t know what this is.

Take a look at the video below.

Professor Robert Kelly was on a Skype interview with BBC talking about the relations between North and South Korea. He lives in South Korea and during the interview, his kids walk in and his wife furiously tries to get them out of the room.

Cool. Fine. Whatever.

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