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Grand Theft Auto 5 Sets 7 Guinness World Records

Been so busy I haven’t had time to play. I feel like I am missing out.


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Rap-Themed Video Games That Need To Exist

If these existed, I’d actually buy them!

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I feel bad for this kid when he grows up


Poor little boy.

So they named their kid after a video game character because of a contest?

Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer is his name. It’s from Skyrim (whatever that is) and now he’s going to be ridiculed for life. I’ve always felt that giving your kid a name is a huge responsibility. Giving your kid a name that’s either normal/common or something that’s cultural is always nice.

But off a video game? He might get bullied when he goes to school. Poor kid.

He gets free video games for life, but is it worth it? I think by second grade, he’ll just go by Tom and try to blend in as a normal boy.

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Grand Theft Auto V trailer is out and I am excited!!!!

The trailer for it was just released and it looks really good. It looks like it’s based in Los Angelese — which is the same one as San Andreas. But the storyline looks simple and I am sure this will be just as fun as GTA IV.

Excitement!!! I better finish up Liberty Stories first though…

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Why did it take me so long to get into Fleetwood Mac?

Shame on me. I should have gotten into these guys sooner.

Now first of all, let me give you some background. I knew of Fleetwood Mac for a very long time. But I never got a chance to really listen to them until recently. I knew about them when I was in high school and I was starting to get into my classic rock phase.

The first song that I heard from them (when I knew it was them) was “The Chain” and I fell in love with that song. I then found it it was from Rumours and through reading and other things, I was told that was a great album. I even borrowed it from the library my freshman year at SJSU, but I never really listened to it. I just burned it.

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Madden 12: In a few days, my life will be turned upside down

Huge fan and my copy is coming in soon. I bought this off Amazon for $60 (free S&H). Plus, it comes with a $20 Amazon gift card and downloadable code for the Rookie and Sophomore teams. So basically, it’s $40 for me. Huzzah!!!

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The dawn of a new era: HKBS is the hottest band out there today!

This logo took me two minutes to create.

Yesterday, my friend Chris and my cousin Stephen came over to to my house to play Rock Band 3. We decided that we needed to make a band within the game and have them do tour stuff in the game.

When Chris and I were kids in elementary school, we imitated The Beatles a lot! One of the random things that came up when we were kids (and when we discovered profanity) was the term bullshit. Somehow, someway, we ended up with the term “Hong Kong Bullshit”. Yesterday, having not said that since elementary school, we decided to name our band HKBS.

Our band features me on the drums, Chris on lead guitar, Brandon Flowers (lead singer of The Killers) on vocal and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on keyboard/bass. We created each of them and now we just finished our East Coast tour. Stephen is our official manager for the band.

My hands hurt from all the drumming… plus I got some blisters too.

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