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Winning design of #DesignTheSign gets a lot of negative feedback

95.7 The Game held a contest for fans to submit designs for signs to be used and distributed during the playoffs. The revealed the winner but it has not received a lot of positive feedback.

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Back on radio again — island style!


Quick piece because it’s cool.

I hadn’t been on sports talk radio for several months now. During the preseason I was on KRON 4 and a few radio stations. I liked being on air talking sports. It’s cool. But when the season began, nobody asked me to be on. It sucked.

But I just got asked yesterday to go on ESPN 1420 AM in Hawaii. They have a big 49ers fanbase out there and I had fun talking about a lot of topics — going on the playoffs, crazy Terrell Owens and Isaac Sopoaga (was a Warrior there). I talked a little fast but maybe it was because I was excited to be back on.

I had fun!

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Why “Judgment Day” (May 21, 2011) makes no Biblical sense and I’ve got the Bible verses to prove it

A bench from Harold Camping's hometown in Colorado.

So the “end of the world” is supposed to be tomorrow. At least according to the people of Family Radio — particularly Harold Camping.

I’ve already written¬†a piece about it a while back, but as this date approaches, I felt that I had to share what I know for those who might actually think that tomorrow is the return of Christ.

Camping believes that through some complicated math, he figured out that tomorrow is the beginning of Christ’s return and five months of hell on earth. It’s a very frightening thing, but let’s go deep into it and see what the Bible really says about this stuff.

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Sports Radio 95.7 FM alienates Oakland A’s fans on first full day on air

The radio station advertises the Sharks and As, yet they spent the last hour comparing Barry Zito and JaMarcus Russell.

As a long-time Oakland A’s fan, the past few seasons have been tough in terms of getting a radio station to broadcast their games. Last week, the A’s finally got something good as they officially turned 95.7 FM into the new A’s flagship station.

As I listened to the station for the first time today, all I heard was talk about comparing Barry Zito to JaMarcus Russell. For the first hour of my listening, the supposed A’s flagship station talked about a San Francisco Giant and a non-issue former Raider for an hour. Why are they talking about old news for an hour?

A’s pitcher Dallas Braden just went on the DL and Rich Harden got moved from the 15-day to the 60-day DL. Yet during that entire hour, there was not ONE single mention of this move. Oh yeah, the A’s made a trade today and that wasn’t mentioned either.

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Christian radio station says Judgment Day is May 21, 2011 and I have a hard time taking it seriously

The radio station is NOT telling us the date of a wrestling pay-per-view.

OK, this entry has nothing to do with R.E.M. but the lyrics do go along with what I am feeling. If the world ends, I wouldn’t be all too upset with it. Jesus is returning and I’m really cool with that.

But let’s get to the real issue that I’m talking about. A few months ago I saw a truck with an ad on it from Family Radio. The ad stated that Judgment Day would be on May 21, 2011.

Family Radio is a Christian radio station based in Oakland and on their website, they have a page that explains their reasoning. They claim that the Bible predicts the end of the world without actually giving the real date.

I actually know a lot about this station (or at least what they sound like on the air) since my mom listens to them. Well, I don’t think she has listened to it for a while but I am very familiar with what they preach. They are an old school style station that has hymns, chants and soft spoken preachings. We would usually have the station on during our drives to church on Sunday. I never liked listening to it.

It’s a very safe and boring station. There are no discussions on real topics. It’s kind of like a cult, if you will. No real issues. Just safe words.

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Random thoughts from a not so random Monday

Just some random thoughts I suppose or some random story.

The Jaguars played on Monday night and as some of you know, they got blown out. Earlier in the day, I dressed up in my Maurice Jones-Drew jersey, my Jaguars cap and shoes to work to show my pride. It was a great feeling as I got props. But it’s gonna suck going to work tomorrow after the terrible performance the team had.

After watching the game, my friend and I went to Denny’s to eat. I ordered two things off their $2 menu. It was good food but I know I am gonna regret it later.

Also, I have a good feeling about work tomorrow. Don’t know what is gonna happen, but I have a good feeling.

Also this morning, I was on the radio again. But since the 49ers actually won a game, it was more fun talking about the team. There was optimism and it was nice talking about the experience I had in the l0cker room after the game. Plus the win was against the garbage Raiders. So all in all, good times being radio.

I think I’m having a good week so far. Some things are just happening and overall, I still feel happy where I am. Not too sure about the future and what it might hold for me. But I’m happy with what now looks like. I’m just very thankful that God has done some good for me and has helped me keep my head straight.

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Two random stories from today… read it if you want to

I got two stories from today:

In the morning, I was back on the radio talking about the 49ers. These are the same folks who have asked me to be on the past two weeks. I think it might become a weekly thing. I like being on the radio. Cell phone reception sucks, but hey, I’m getting my name out there.

On my way home on BART, it was crowded on the train. But there was this father with his daughter. The girl was really young, and in a stroller. The cutest thing was the dad sat right in front of the stroller in the crowded train and read “The Cat in the Hat” to her. It was so cute seeing the dad reading to the girl. Throughout the entire trip, I just watched and smiled. That’s the kind of stuff that really is priceless.

That’s it… as you were.

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