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Somebody needs to teach me how to Dougie

Two years ago, the hot hip hop dance was the Soulja Boy. I got that thing down. In fact, I studied how to do it with the instructional dance video.

Last year, it was The Jerk and I couldn’t do it. There were variations of it but I never got to any of it.

This year, the Dougie blew up and after trying for a while, I realized that I am not fit for it. John Wall has put me to shame.

I wonder what hot dance thing will blow up in 2011…

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How Are M&M’s Made? – And Other Weird Interview Questions From 2010 (via TechCrunch)

These questions were asked at interviews in big tech companies. Some of these I already knew the answer to. Some others I couldn’t figure out at my first guess.

I’ve never been in an interview where these questions are asked but it’s much like the SAT test, where they don’t test your knowledge rather how you approach the answer.

Maybe one day I’ll be asked one of these questions and I will already know the answer.

How Are M&M's Made? - And Other Weird Interview Questions From 2010, a venture-backed online career and workplace community, has self-reportedly culled through tens of thousands interview questions that job seekers have shared on the site in 2010, and selected a number of weird ones. Some of them are pretty bizarre, some are downright hilarious. Go to the Glassdoor blog for the top 25 oddball interview questions, but below are the ones from technology companies, since I reckon you’d be most interest … Read More

via TechCrunch

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Another fun eBay story in which I get something for free

So which one of these is the real video game?

During Black Friday, I tried to get NBA 2K11 for $29.99 but because of stupid people, it never happened.

Because I really wanted the game, I went on eBay to buy it and I found a deal in which I can buy it for only $31 (with some shipping cost I can’t remember). But it was a good deal and I jumped on it.

But before I did, I had to think about how legit this listing was. The bar code matched, the description matched and the location of the item was in New York. With that, I believed that I was buying from a seller from the States, not some bootleg seller in some other country.

I placed the order and I waited. The seller sent me a tracking code for the order. I checked it and I discovered something odd.

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10 Writing Exercises I Can’t Live Without (via Locked Out)

This is pretty cool. As an aspiring writer, I really need to find ways to build on my skills. Unfortunately, a lot of my close friends aren’t writers.

I have friends from SJSU I have met that I can talk to but it never comes up. I need to be in a community of writers.

Anyway, check out this list. It’s a good way to improve your writing.

10 Writing Exercises I Can't Live Without I’ve written before that I think we all have our own methods for writing – that is, we all have a “creative zone” or a way of doing things that just works for us. And, of course, if that’s not working for you, it might be time to change things! Personally, I really love writing exercises. They can be funny, enlightening, and extremely effective for keeping my brain on the up-and-up. It’s easy for our brains to get lazy and having to think in term … Read More

via Locked Out

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Some thoughts on the whole Singletary firing thing

Mike Singletary was fired on Sunday night by the 49ers. It wasn’t a surprise as he struggled all season long. For most fans, this was a good thing. But for me, it’s a very strange feeling.

Being a fan and as a member of the media that has covered this team for the past two seasons, it’s a little bit different for me.

I suppose that because I am actually part of the team in a way, that I actually have a connection with Singletary. Even though our only conversations were really through press conferences, it’s still going to be odd to not have him as the head coach and where I can ask him more questions in press conferences.

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Was what I did morally wrong or did Best Buy allow me to return that?

If they allow me to return it, then I shouldn't feel guilty about it, right?

Over the weekend, Nikki (my netbook laptop) started to act up. My Google Chrome browser crashed and my other browsers started to malfunction. Trying to fix it, I decided to delete cookies and all that stuff. But in the end, it wasn’t very effective.

Because I use my laptop for work, I knew that I had to get it fixed before I head back to the office. Looking through my manual, I read that I could reformat my computer by pressing <F9> right as the computer boots.

I kept pressing, tapping, pushing and all the stuff. Didn’t work. My only other option to reformat was to use the provided DVD to install the old operating system. But since it’s a netbook, it doesn’t have a disc drive. That meant I had to get one in order to reformat my computer.

And this is where the moral dilemma occurs.

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One thing about Christmas I love is being with the best friends in the world

I love my friends.

This was from Thursday at our annual Christmas dinner/party/gift exchange/whatever you wanna call it thing with my friends from San Jose. We’ve known each other for about five years and being with these people always makes me happy.

We’ve now all grown up and probably things like these will be less and less. But it was all happy times. I have some great friends.

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Bittersweet Christmas day for me and the family

So today during the Christmas service at my home church, it turned out to be a bittersweet day. Well, I have to paint the picture first.

Since going to college and the subsequent days following my graduation, I have not gone back to my home church on a consistent basis. Part of it was due to my job. But the other part was that I didn’t like it any more. There was no growth and I just didn’t feel right about going back to a place that wasn’t really Jesus-centered.

I grew up in this church but despite all that, it was time for me to move on.

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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Merry Christmas with my little Charlie Brown tree.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope that each and every one of you are warm and around the people you love. It’s that time of year where we just drop all the stuff that stresses us out and just love the people that matter to us (and also the people we don’t think about much too).

Of course, for me, Christmas is a time of celebration. This is the time I look back at God’s plan for salvation and smile because God sent Jesus down to Earth to save us.

Christmas, which means “the celebration of Christ”, is the celebration of beginning of eternal salvation. That’s what Christmas means to me.

To some of you, Christmas doesn’t have that meaning. It might just be a day where you’re with family and that’s cool. I think that despite all the mumbo jumbo with political correctness, respect, etc., that we should all just be happy that we’re here together with each other. It’s all about loving one another.

You are all wonderful and I’m very thankful for you guys being in my life. Let’s go have some fun today with our presents and loved ones.

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Christmas in perspective: This is what Christmas means to me

A dangerous tag team this time of year.

I think one of the things about Christmas that always gets to me is the confusion of what exactly it’s all about. Different people see Christmas differently and that’s just the way it is.

Forget all the gift-giving, Santa-loving and all that stuff. I never really cared much about the holiday since it has been watered down into a consumerism day. To me, it’s a simple thing about Jesus and for me, that’s why I like it.

So what exactly is Christmas all about to me?

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