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People stealing my food from office fridge

Well, it’s happened again.

As you can see, I left food in the office fridge on Friday so I can eat it the next day when I came in. When I got there the next day, the food was gone. I don’t know who did it and this is not the first time someone stole my pizza.

I got co-workers who support me. HR is going to investigate as this apparently is an ongoing trend around the building.

WOW! Sam making changes.


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Coming back to the Bay to fat

Whenever I am back home I always eat. Why? Because I want to see friends and food is a great way to do it!

I mean, I went to La Penca Azul and got a burrito so big I had to save the other half for breakfast, which was still too much.

Then I went to Eureka! in Berkeley to eat this!

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#Eureka! Found the #burger! #Berkeley #Food #BayArea

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Then I went to see “Jackie” which was so heartbreaking, yet told so well that I just really couldn’t even grasp the whole concept of the darkest week in American history. Amazing!!!

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IKEA crawfish is the best baby!!!

I like IKEA foods and I’ve known about them serving more than just the regular menu. A month ago I signed up for their crawfish buffet. Oh man, it was fun!

It was like a private party. All the crawfish you want (they were iced) and meatballs, soups, breads, desserts and drinks. I think I ate about 20 crawfish, about 20 meatballs, so many deviled eggs and tuna. I was so full! What a great Friday night dinner it was!

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Screw you Panda Express and your chork crap

Screw you Panda Express. I hate you already and now you’ve done this.

Just learn how to use chopsticks. It’s not hard.

Why do we need this garbage? Go away! Don’t give them an out with a fork at the end. Shame on you!!!!

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How I got a free meal due to poor service at Big Wangs

Big Wangs is a restaurant I have walked by several times but I have never eaten at until now. It’s kind of like your sports bar. It was a Sunday night and the place was maybe half-packed. After ordering, we sat and waited. And waited. A half hour passed and our server did not come to us — not even to check on us or give us an update.

I got from my seat to find her and asked for the food. She then gave me the option to see the manager. That is rare for a server to give up so easily and let the customer see the manager.

I stood and waited and finally got to the manager who first asked if I wanted to cancel; I just said I wanted my food after this long of a wait. The manager asked what I ordered and would check on it. I saw a plate of wings come out and I said that might be ours so I returned to my seat. Five minutes later I noticed that those wings were for another table. I decided to address this to the manager again and as I stood and waited, another customer saw me and asked if this was about the food not coming. He said that was his case as well. I found the manager again.

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E-40 just retweeted me! That’s all!

Yeah pretty sweet!

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#626NightMarket fun with MC Jin and lots of food

Check out my videos here. Check out my photos here.

I had never been to the 626 Night Market before. I just heard about it from time to time but never really made an effort to care. It was only until I heard that MC Jin was going to perform that I realized it would be the perfect place for me to check out the foods and vendors and also watch Jin perform. It was back in 2005 when I first saw Jin perform (my first rap concert if you will) and he was dope. But as I got to follow his career, gotten to know him, meet him and just see him grow, I like where he’s headed to now.

When I got to the market, I was overwhelmed by the vendors and shops. They had a lot of cool artwork. I almost bought some stuff but maintained to my spending to food.

Stinky tofu? Yes! I got it! Also, check out this.

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