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Warriors basketball: A passion that never goes away


A story of my journey as a Warriors fan. Great read.

Originally posted on But at the end of the day...:

Been a Warriors fan through these three eras.

A trip down memory lane for me as a Warriors fan. 

I remember I was in first grade and I saw the Warriors on TV. I didn’t know much about basketball, I just liked it. I would try to imitate what I saw on TV to the playground. I even remember the first ever basket I made on the playground I thought that I could one day match what the Warriors did. It was so easy to be impressed by this Warriors team. Little did I know that they were embarking on a playoff drought. But they were the first team I watched. The first team I followed. I fell in love with basketball because of them. And I never left.

It’s not easy being a Warriors fan. As I grew older, my frustrations would grow more and more with the team…

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Opening day baby!

Not gonna be in Oakland for the first time in a long while. I attended the last five opening day games. But it’s a first for me to be away. It sucks but I will be cheering from work. I’ll be wearing my A’s gear at work too. Go A’s!!

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I can’t believe I was part of the RAW after Mania crowd

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I was part of this epic night.

And WrestleMania the day before? Amazing!!!

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WrestleMania last night was such a blast

I cannot believe that I attended WrestleMania! What an amazing show. I had planned out the entire trip for months and it finally came. And knowing that I had all day, there was no rush to try to get to the Stadium. But wow, it was so awesome to be there. The setup looked amazing and the atmosphere was electric.

The fact that the sun was out for most of the show was tough. I was in section 214 and the sun was on me for five hours. I had my binoculars and my sunglasses, cap so I was OK. Still, it was tough on me.

But to be part of something so amazing was juts indescribable. Visually, it was great. The matches were fun and the storyline as great.

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I really enjoyed Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance

So here’s the thing. Before Sunday, I could only name two of Katy Perry’s songs. I never paid much attention to her but I always knew that she was very popular and had a lot of great hits. After beefing with her father, I was optimistic about her performance being a good show.

Call me a fan now. Well, let’s be specific. I am not a fan of Katy Perry’s music still. I think they are catchy, but this performance I am a fan of. Check it out. It started with a big gold lion. Wow! I actually know the song “Roar” and the final roar was phenomenal. What a spectacular way to start the show. It had all the visuals that really captured the audience.

When they transitioned to “California Gurls,” I was really excited. Check out how much she was enjoying herself. I think that is what made me like the performance so much. She was having fun. Other Super Bowl shows I see artists trying too hard. But for Katy, she was so into it that I liked it. Plus, did you see those sharks? Left shark was all out of sorts but I don’t care. The baked beach balls also were funny.

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‘Chinese expert’ Darren Rovell gets his facts about the Chinese language wrong in ESPN article

This was posted by Darren Rovell of ESPN. On the surface level, it looks fine. But upon reading the article, I noticed something. I highlighted it.

It’s a common mistake. Mandarin is a dialect that is spoken but when written, it’s Chinese. It’s the same way of saying that the word “Warriors” is written in American. No, it’s in English. It’s just that it’s pronounced differently in America than it is in England.

And also, you can’t spell words that aren’t constructed by letters.

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Knowing my bobbleheads are inspirational

The photo and the comments that came with it.

Hella humbled right now as a guy found my work on IG, then tells me that because of my custom bobblehead painting that he found online some time ago, he was inspired to do the same. And looking at his work, his stuff is super polished, way better than mine.

Earlier this week, I read a comment on one of my YouTube videos of customizing bobbleheads and did an email exchange with someone who also wanted to know how I did my work and what were the best tools and strategies to customize a bobblehead.

Truly humbled.

To all the people who are creative and have ideas, never give up. You never know how your imagination can inspire lives and change the world. Never stop thinking outside the box.


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