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Hooray for Maroon 5’s awesome new album!

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I bought Maroon 5’s debut album a long time ago and I will admit I downloaded their next two. I love this band. They cover great artists all the time and I fell in love with them when they covered The Beatles “If I Fell” and John Lennon “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”. Since then, I think they’re awesome.

Some people hate them, but not me. Today I went and bought their newest album. I listened through it on Spotify first and I loved it all the way through. So right now, I have the newest copy of Maroon 5’s album. And I bought the Target version, which has more tracks!


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My adventure strolling through a piece of Hollywood

Drove by this place on my way to DomeFits.

Today was my off day and I decided to visit DomeFits. It’s a cap and fashion store that has a Berkeley location. However, the original location is in LA and I decided to cash in on my free cap.


I drove up to the location, which was in Hollywood. It was my first time there but it was really cool. They didn’t have any fitted caps that I like. They mainly featured custom snapbacks, but I came across this awesome Superman shirt so I got it. I just paid the difference.

For the most part, it was nice just to walk around and see all the stores. There were a lot of fashion stores and if I was richer, I’d actually check them out. But overall, a good adventure day. I might and probably will be back there real soon.

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That Bay Bridge Series is why I love baseball

I miss the Bay Area and this was one of the reasons why. The fact that we have great baseball here makes me wish I was back in the Bay for this weekend series.

All three games had 9th inning drama. And even though it sucked that the Giants won the first two games, the fact that the A’s won the last one in this kind of fashion was something to behold. Giants fans have gotten worse every year and since 2010, the bandwagon scum has been pretty brutal.

But now with that walk-off, it ended interleague play on a good note. This is a new era of A’s baseball. AJ Griffin pitched well. Brandon Hicks with big hits. Brandon Moss doing big things. In fact, the entire roster is pretty much mostly new players. And with Derek Norris apparently the team’s catcher of the future, we might have something good for the future of this team.

Go A’s! Baseball baby!

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All The Small Things

The little things in life make people happy

Introspections During Quiet Time


I truly enjoy the small things in life. The other day one of these things (I call them “little wins”) happened and it got me to thinking about the little wins that we all get and about what mine are specifically. So, these are just the little things that somehow can turn a bad day around on a dime:

  • I can’t stress how excited I get when I grab a soda from one of the vending machines or coolers at a supermarket and I pop it open, only to find it is partially frozen! It’s like having built in ice cubes. I also love when a couple of pieces of ice come out when you are taking a drink and you have to crunch the ice as loud as possible. Why? because. That’s why!
  • I enjoy playing basketball and making shots from half court is sweet but when I am…

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Thanks DomeFits (and Miami Heat) for hooking me up with a free cap

DomeFits is one of my favorite places to get fitted caps. They have a store in Alameda, Berkeley and a new one in LA. Back when the NBA season started, they challenged their followers to make a deal. If the Heat win the NBA title, the customer gets a free cap. But if they don’t, the customer buys a cap.

I was the only one to agree to the deal and today, the Heat won the title, thus getting me a free cap. I might go to the new LA shop to check it out and see what’s up. Deciding what I want to get. DomeFits is fresh.

I got balls. Now I got a cap to put on my head. Bad pun.

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I can’t stand Twitter but I think I am relying on it a lot more

Oh that whale. Didn’t even show up when the servers went down.

Twitter has been down for a while this morning and it’s been sucky for me. I don’t even like Twitter. I got it when I was working and now I am so used to having it around, I am depending on it.

Most days I can go out for a walk, a drive or whatever and now have a care about what’s going on with the Twitter world. Yet since I am doings some work, I am on the computer, I need Twitter to keep updated with news.

As I mentioned before, Twitter is a hit or miss with some. I understand both sides of it. But with Twitter down now and me needing it, it’s tough stuff.

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Now what?

I almost became an English major…

Comic Belief

I’ve always known that an English major was not directly associated with a promising career path, usually conjuring the image of the unsuccessful-yet-still-pretentious writer or, on the other end of the spectrum, the assumption of grad school to further the English major to make it more, well, useful. Almost every single time when someone asked me about my major, it would go something like this:

Random Person approaches me and attempts to make small talk about life, which inevitably leads to the question, “So, what’s your major?”

“I’m an English major,” I declare confidently, as I’m sure the connotation of my major must entail the long hours of research and detailed literature analyses which have made me so vastly intelligent.

“Oh,” Random Person replies with a slight raise of the eyebrows, “So you’re going to teach?”

This is the point where I either want to slam my face into my…

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