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LOL. Needs more Shadynasty.

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As the wife and I (but mainly the wife) reach halftime of pregnancy #3, I thought an update might be in order.  20 weeks down, 20 more to go.  Based on results from the first two matchups, I don’t expect this to go to overtime.  There’s no doubt that Mommy showed up ready to play, but as the half wore on, she seemed to tire and even had to fight off a few bouts of nausea.  The plan is to hydrate feverishly here at halftime and throughout the second half in an attempt to negate the effects of the impending summer heat.  It’ll be a grueling final 20 weeks, requiring stamina and endurance that I (a two-time marathoner) simply do not have.  But my wife is strong.  She’s been here before.  So buckle up for an exciting second half!

(This extremely long basketball metaphor, which ran its course at least…

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What if I didn’t like sports — is there more to me?

That was my tweet after I woke up at 2AM to watch the A’s play their game in Japan. Man, am I crazy about sports or what? My sleep schedule is messed up because of this but I don’t regret it.

But recently, I started to wonder how much of me is about sports. My profession is about sports. Most of my expertise on things is sport. Heck, people always go to me about sports. I love it, but I wonder if it’s so much a part of me that I am viewed as only that.

This kind of thinking started when this past 49ers season started when I no longer started to see myself as a 49ers fan. I in fact was started to get disgusted with obsessive fans. These people make their lives surround around their team and it’s kind of hard to watch. Do people view me as that?

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Yoenis Cespedes goes deep and I feel much better

It was a quieter affair watching the second game of the A’s in Japan but it’s all good because they won. Bartolo Colon pitched like it was 2005 and Yoenis Cespedes went yard. Josh Reddick and Jonny Gomes also homered.

The A’s won 4-1 and are now 1-1. They are on their way back to America to prepare for the real Opening Day.

I can’t believe I woke up at 2Am to watch the game. But you all know I’d do it again.

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Another Opening Day, another tough loss for the Oakland Athletics

My quick thoughts on Opening Day.

But at the end of the day...

I can’t believe that I woke up from a three-hour sleep to catch the A’s-Mariners game. After all, it was Opening Day and the A’s are my love. But I knew that even though I had a lagging online stream, I could listen to the radio. I wouldn’t do this kind of stuff for any other team.

But here I am sitting in my kitchen listening to this game. The A’s were exactly what I thought they would be today. They would keep it close with a great pitching performance and the offense did produce. But it was the missed opportunities that cost them.

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Oakland A’s baseball is here baby!!!

Let's get it on!

I don’t like the fact that the first game isn’t even in America. I don’t like the fact that it’s near the end of the month. I don’t like the fact that it’s not even going to be broadcast live here.

But regardless, it’s Oakland A’s baseball and that’s happy times for me. This team may not have much talent but I love them so much. I will try to find an online stream of it and listen to it on the radio.

Baseball makes me happy. Opening Day should be a holiday. It’s a start of a new beginning of hope. I can’t wait!

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Recapping my short trip to LA for a potential new gig

I won’t go into detail what the position is exactly, but it is in LA. This might be the life-changing opportunity that I needed. It’s not going to be easy and there is no guarantee of anything after the term is over, but it’s a fresh new start that I needed.

I drove down on Sunday and it actually wasn’t that bad. Despite the heavy rain, I only made one stop on the whole trip. It’s strange because the last time I drove to LA, it also rained and it actually was the exact same exit that I got off in.

I was so hungry that I actually ate at Arby’s

Arby's was't all that bad.

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I am really nervous and scared about this interview

I’ll be heading down to LA later today for a potential job opportunity. I am really nervous about it because it could be the job I was looking for to get my foot in the door. I am also scared because it could be such a big change for me.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know God will guide me. If I get this, my life will change so much but I know this is for the better. Time to get some sleep and wake up and head down for a drive.


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