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The Rolling Stone interview with Ami Mills

Remember when I decided to write a novella? I haven’t written anything since that day. But instead I am putting it on hold and writing this fictional story.

I’ve created a music artist and will write a feature story for Rolling Stone magazine. Everything in this is made up, but I was inspired by Rolling Stone articles on Taylor Swift, Rick Ross and Lana Del Ray to write this. It’s a work in progress. Here is a sneak peek at what I have so far. It will probably be changed as I rework this.


The Rolling Stone interview

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Last night’s concert by Madi Diaz was nothing short of amazing

Madi Diaz dazzles the crowd with a phenomenal live performance of songs from her newest album “Phantom.”

Back in May of 2012, I had just moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area. I moved for work and in a nutshell, didn’t know anyone. I was hoping to get settled in with my new job and with some of the free time, go check out some things that I had only seen in movies and so forth. During my second week in Los Angeles, I saw that one of my favorite artists, Rachel Platten, was doing a show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. I had recently discovered Rachel’s music only a few months earlier but it was music that helped me transition through a period as I was preparing to move to Los Angeles.

As I was at the venue helping set up for Rachel and her show, the opening act of the night was this artist I had never heard before. Madi Diaz was on the stage with a guitar playing some very cool tunes. It was a nice setting of music to listen to as I started preparing the merchandise table. I really took notice when she covered a Bee Gees song. I know that anyone who covers them is real cool. I knew that she had something going and I was actually pretty surprised at how friendly she was after the show, just full of joy.

Fast forward to last night, nearly two and a half years later. I’ve settled pretty nicely in LA and things have been good. I’ve been keeping an eye on Madi’s career since the first time I saw her and recently she dropped her newest album “Phantom.” I had been listening to it almost daily during my drive to my new job and it’s just a great sound. I was so glad to see an artist continue to grow and evolve in her music. Last night was the first time I was going to see her perform since that weekend way back when I first moved here.

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Forgiving someone isn’t easy

Forgive with love. Amen!

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam

It ain’t easy, but it’s right.

This past Sunday, Trinity continued with their #DoHardThings sermon series and the topic was about forgiveness. Boy, that ain’t easy.


Forgiveness is something that should be part of our daily lives as Christians. We are taught to forgive others because we ourselves have been forgiven. The mercy that God shows us should be something we give to others.

But it’s not easy.

Forgiveness may be the hardest topic to really take in from the #DoHardThings sermon series. Many times, especially for me, I’m too prideful. I want to come out as the “stronger” person. Somehow forgiving someone makes me appear weaker, making it appear that not taking vengeance is a sign of me being less of a man. Of course it’s silly to think that is true when you take a couple steps back. But…

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21st Century Hustle

Those were Fleetwood Mac tickets I just bought. Pretty quick turnaround.

I got four tickets for The Who in Oakland in 11 months. Also have four more for The Who in LA in 11 months also. Saving one ticket for myself. So eight total tickets which I can also hopefully turn into profit.

For the LA one, if I sell them at the price I have them now, I will pay for my one ticket plus have about $30 in my pocket to buy some merchandise. Score!

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RIP Twitpic — you done changed the game

What bums me out about this news, which I had heard about a month ago, was that I am losing out on one of my favorite things on Twitter.

As much as I use Twitter’s own photo sharing features, Twitpic was the first ever such I used back then. I didn’t do Instagram and what made Twitpic stand out were two things.

One was that I could send my images to Twitpic via my email and it would upload automatically for me and tweet it. Second thing — and this is what I will miss the most — is that the GIFs I uploaded worked so well with Twitpic. On my Tweetdeck, the GIFs would automatically play. I didn’t have to click and go to a page on my browser. It would just play in my column.

Twitter’s “GIF” feature doesn’t do that on Tweetdeck. In fact, their “GIFs” aren’t even that. They are SWF files. Cheaters.

Farewell Twitpic. I never imagined my Twitter experience would not have you around. This bums me out.

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Columbus Day: What are we really celebrating?

How in the world are people getting the day off today? This Columbus Day holiday is just a day commemorating a guy getting lost, showing up at someone else’s place and killing and stealing all they had. That’s not worth a celebration.

That’s the same thing as St. Patrick’s Day. What are we celebrating? People just getting drunk for the hell of it? That’s stupid.

What about New Year’s Day? Getting a new calendar does not warrant a holiday.

Away with pointless holidays! Away with them!


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