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Seeing Rachel Platten at The Peppermint Club

Rachel did a show at this small club in West Hollywood. I was afraid I was going to be late because of work but I got there before the show began. She was awesome!

It was intimate so it was cool to be kinda up close and see her interact and talk with us.

I have a few videos. I wish I stayed longer (dang parking meter) so I could see her and get her to sign her CD and/or take a photo.

She’s still awesome! A longer blog would have been nice but you already know how much I love her.

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Farewell Tom Petty

Three years ago I had a bucket list moment and saw Tom Petty live in person.

It was such a joy for me. I have always loved his music. The news of his death is hitting me hard.

Farewell, Tom. Thank you for being amazing.

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I had a listening party with Rachel Platten and it was so beautiful

You all know I am a huge Rachel Platten fan. It goes back more than five years ago. Look at all the things I’ve experienced with her.

It all started with an announcement:

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And after five years, Madi Diaz and I are back at The Hotel Cafe

You know the story of how I met Madi Diaz during the Rachel Platten show over five years ago. Well today I was back at The Hotel Cafe to watch Madi Diaz perform.

She had announced the day before that she was doing a free show.

I got there and it was so cool to have her perform live at the same stage. It was all new songs from her upcoming EP. She told me that it should be out in September and that she had the itching to perform live, which is why the owner of the venue gave her the platform.

She was so glad to see me wearing my Riothorse Royale shirt and said that it would never go out of style. There’s something about Madi that I like so much. Her attitude is just so chill. She even shook my hand telling me how much she appreciated my support. She was even down for a selfie after the show.

It was pretty cool to be there and hear all her new songs from her EP. I really like them. I have two of them in this post. I can’t wait!

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Chester Bennington’s suicide brings back some Linkin Park memories

First and foremost, suicide is real and depression is real. I have had a friend die from this. I also know what the news has told us about suicide among celebrities too.

Sometimes there are signs. Sometimes there aren’t. It sucks. But it’s a continuing thing here.

Chester was a great voice and mind for this band I enjoyed immensely during my teenage years. I still have my Linkin Park CDs. But just wrapping my head around this news is sad. I didn’t know what he was going through. This is a shock.

I wish it didn’t happen. I hope people understand and seek help or help others as well. I don’t want suicides like this to continue for anyone.

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I felt bad for Tupac’s legacy after watching ‘All Eyez on Me’

Let me first tell you that I am a huge Tupac fan. I am a fan that owns all his albums. I am a fan who researched and downloaded all his original recordings (which would later be put into his posthumous releases). I also have two posters of him in my childhood room. I have seen all his movies. I am a huge fan.

With that said, I came into “All Eyez on Me” with the knowledge of the critics’ less than enthusiastic reviews of the film. Jada Pinkett-Smith and 50 Cent have expressed their dislike of the movie as well. I was hopeful that maybe my perception wouldn’t be swayed. But it was. And when I watched the film, I was disappointed.

Overall the movie was decent for the casual fan who may not know his story. But still, the struggle to fit in 25 years of his life into a film is hard. Rather than focus on a part of his life, we got a directionless film that went all over the place. We struggled to identify with the character and that unfortunately led to the anti-climactic end which really didn’t give much to the enigmatic rap star.

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It was 50 years ago today…

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It was 50 years ago today… ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ I was a child when I first heard #SgtPepper. It was weird to me. I had grown up listening to #TheBeatles but it was only in singles, never an entire album in full. But the more I listened to this album, the more I understood why the band left touring and to focus on this album. It finally gave them the freedom to be as creative as they wanted to be with so many things (new instruments, new themes, some fun drugs). ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ As this album has aged — now on its #SgtPepper50 anniversary — it actually sounds fresher today. The new remastered version (which I am listening on #Spotify right now) sounds so crisp. It's clean. It's pure. It sounds like a completely new album to me — like I am in the studio with them. My favorite songs sound so great and the adventure of this album takes me back. It showed me the range of all the four members as artists and performers. They dared to be different. It was wonderful. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ There were a lot of uncertainty of the band being so different from the songs they performed before. But when this album hit the shelves 50 years ago on this date, it changed so much. It is considered one of the greatest music albums of all time — and with a great amount calling it the best ever. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ This album holds a deep place in my heart. I want to get the new remastered version that came out today. But I don't have that kind of money right now. But still, let me close my eyes and listen to this right now. Take me back to 1967. Let me go see Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band perform again! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

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