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So I just watched ‘Stranger Things’ all in one day and I want more

I didn’t even know this existed. Only in passing did I see an article on it saying it pays homage to so many movies from the 1980s. Naturally, I was intrigued. It was only when I was browsing my Netflix did I see it and read the plot of the story. Well, eight episodes, I can do that in a few days.

I did it all in one day.

Oh man was this good. It was a little bit of everything. I wanted to continue watching, seeing what craziness could come from it. I won’t spoil it, but the cool E.T. and Stephen King type drama in this film was perfect. Oh yes, you should watch it. Do it now! And I hear season two is guaranteed. YES!!!!


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I just got 2016’s album of the year by Shura

One of the biggest difficulties in liking an artist not from the US is that it takes some time for their stuff to be released in the states. Shura’s new album dropped on July 8 but it won’t make its way to America until three weeks later. I bought the album on UK Amazon and even though it’s a couple days until the American release, I am so happy I got it.

This album is the legit business. It’s a mix of Madonna in the 80s but an upbeat sound we haven’t heard in a while. I am so excited to have this. I will see Shura in concert in September. This is album of the year! On repeat forever!

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House fumigation for termites is hard

I just got back home after my house was fumigated for three days. It was not easy because I had to pack up everything that was consumable into bags. That means basically everything in my kitchen. Sure there were some things that were in its original air-tight packaging that I could leave out. But some things still were not good enough.

There were so many things to pack, especially things in my fridge. Oh this was so much. Then little things like tea bags, Ramen noodles, granola bars, etc. What a long time.

Then we had to move out our valuables to another places because thefts are very possible during these things. Luckily after three days, nothing was stolen and everything was in good order. But man, now I have to put it all back. No. I will make my housemates do it. I did all the packing by myself. I won’t put everything back.

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This Taylor Swift-Kanye beef is so stupid

This was all over my news feed yesterday and for once, I actually am on Kanye’s side. I know more Kanye West music than Taylor Swift music but I always thought Taylor was a good person.

Now I don’t know what she is up to. She appeared to be lying about this and is going for legal action. But what if the phone conversation did happen in New York?

Anyway, the whole thing is dumb. This is Taylor trying to be the victim and Kanye trying to ride off Taylor’s success. And Kim is just being there. This is dumb. All dumb!

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#PokemonGo is stupid and it’s causing people to be stupid

I don’t care for Pokemon. I remember it was a kid and I knew things about it. But I didn’t buy cards. I didn’t invest time into it. I just didn’t care about it for someone at my age. Now with Pokemon Go, everybody is playing it. As a game, whatever, I don’t care, let it be. But with it comes some stupid things.

You can get hacked.

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Last night’s Selena Gomez concert for my birthday was so sweet!

I didn’t know if I would be OK going to a Selena Gomez concert by myself. But I got four of my guy friends to join me for the fun. Oh it was lit!!!!

Bouncing up and down and singing along.

I am a huge Selena fan and I will remain forever!!!

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Where have you gone Sam?

Wow! What a crazy week it’s been and myย birthday is tomorrow! Well, that’s for turning 30 years old.

I spent the past week in the Bay and got to go see a lot of people and just enjoy some time off. But still, it’s been a major stressful time working for V3con and then still trying to find a new job. It sucks when you know you’re good enough and you’re so close so many times but nothing works out.

Still, I am blessed beyond everything! I keep it at that!

Here are some photos from my trip. I hope to get back to writing this a lot more frequently. We’ll see.

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