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The great new social experiment or maybe not?

Here’s the thing. I didn’t change my profile picture. It’s not that I don’t care about the issue, but I just don’t care about following a trend. I haven’t changed my profile picture in two years and I want to keep it that way.

Whenever a trendy thing happens on Facebook, people jump on it like crazy. I don’t do that. I didn’t do the Kony. I didn’t change my profile to doppelganger. I didn’t change my profile to a cartoon character. I just don’t do that. Why? Because I do things on my accord.

So I saw this link and this was something I had thought along the lines about. Would Facebook keep stats and tracks of this? Of course they would! But was this the reason why they did this? I don’t know.

But I do want to say that every time there is a mass of something that goes on, people will do whatever the next sheep does. This is a great cause but it says a lot about you whenever you decide to follow along.


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Finally a time to blog and not get caught up in things

For the first time in a while, I can finally relax. This past week or so I was so caught up in busyness that I never really got to blog as much as I wanted to this month.

Done with VBS as it took a lot out of me to watch the kids and get sunburn on my scalp.

Done with V3con in which I no longer have to stress about writing sponsorship posts and working through social media.

Done with Family Promise’s overnight stay on Sunday.

Welcome to being the new official prayer leader.

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#LoveWins is a good thing and I’m happy for it

It all started really early in the morning when I saw this tweet.

I thought to myself “That’s cool!”

But then I paused for a minute. Am I OK with this? Am I?

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This auto mechanic was nice to me because I was wearing my church shirt

I am volunteering at VBS this week for my church and one of the things that all leaders do is wear this purple volunteer shirt that the church provided. Following the VBS day, there was a minor accident in which my bumper was dented. Knowing that I would be super busy the rest of the week and I would only have this afternoon to get it taken care of, I drove around my neighborhood looking for a body shop.

I came across this one body shop and the owner told me that he could fix the dent. But because his workers were out to lunch, it would be an hour wait for them to return and fix my bumper. He said it would be $50 so I gave him that and was prepared to walk across the street to get some lunch to wait it out. Shortly after, he waved me back in telling me that it was already done. It took only five minutes.

He then told me that if I had went with my insurance, that it would be around $700 or so that I could get back for the damages from the person who hit my car. Then he told me this really interesting revelation. He noted of the shirt I was wearing (see above) and it was the same shirt my housemate was wearing with me. He said that because he saw that I was a church guy that he knew I was a good honest person and he did me that solid. He said that for small tasks like this, he would turn them down because it wasn’t worth his time. But for some reason, because of me being a church person, he gave me the deal. He did say that I should be an honest guy and not go through insurance.

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Attending the Warriors parade was an amazing experience for me


But at the end of the day...

The Warriors winning the championship was a dream come true to me and naturally I had to find a way to the parade. I knew that it was going to be hard to get up to the Bay from LA but I figured it out. I would take a midnight bus from LA up to Oakland. I arrived at the West Oakland BART station at 6:20 in the morning and took a one station stop to Lake Merritt.

Walking to the rally location was quite an adventure. There were people camping their spots at least a few hours before I even got there and trying to find my friends was really difficult. But once I got to a nice spot on the grass with the lake right behind me, it was a great view of the stage.

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The Warriors’ championship run taught me the beautiful lesson of patience


But at the end of the day...

Patience is hard to come by when you’re a fan of a franchise that has struggled to reach the top for 40 years. It’s hard to believe that something good can happen when everything wrong has happened. I didn’t think that the enduring pain of seeing the Warriors falter for so many years would go away.

Yet tonight, all that pain and suffering was washed away. Just like that.

Being a Warriors fan wasn’t easy growing up. I was in first grade when I mimicked my first basketball player. That was Chris Mullin. I thought the Warriors were the best. But in the following years, we would see bad trades, bad coaches and bad play. Yet I stuck with them. I didn’t know any better. But I knew that they were the team I fell in love with first and I would stick with them. They were my home team…

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VIDEO: Check out my new room

So I moved into a new place last week officially and today I wanted to share with you a video of my new room and some other things in the house. Pretty big house but totally cool in what I can do with it. Enjoy!

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