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I was a part of Twitter and television history!

Oh man, that season finale was stupid intense. I didn’t watch it as it aired, but I watched it right when I got home. I have to tell you, I had plenty to tweet about it.

I didn’t realize that it was a record setter. But apparently, my tweeting about it contributed to this amazing record.

I never thought that this show was so popular. But apparently, it’s a big deal. Bigger deal than that Game of something show.

Check out the tweets that contributed. SPOILERS

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How ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and ‘Boy Meets World’ help lay the foundation of my faith


“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Boy Meets World” were two shows I watched growing up in the 1990s and those two shows were the epitome of great quality television for somebody my age.

Last night as I was driving back home, I started to think about my childhood and the shows I watched back then. A lot of the shows that I watched were shows every kid watched. I had my Power Rangers, Simpsons, Family Matters and all other shows in between. Man, the 1990s had great television.

As I was thinking about it, there were two shows that really stood out to me. And the reason why they stood out was because that even though they were sitcoms and their intent was to be funny, they knew that at times, they had to be serious. They understood that life isn’t all fun and games and there are real issues.

I first got home last night and started to re-watch two particular episodes that stood in my mind. I remembered watching those episodes as a kid. I remember crying watching it. I don’t think the message fully hit me the first time I watched it, but as I look back at it now, I know that my life would have been different if I had not seen those episodes.

I want to share these two shows and the episode that changed me, my way of living and my faith.

(Forgive my writing if it seems like a ramble or jumbled, I tend to do that sometimes writing so much with little sleep. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. It makes sense in my head at the moment.)

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Memories as they close down the eastern span of the Bay Bridge

Farewell. I am going to miss driving through this bridge.

Growing up in the East Bay, I had never needed a reason to go to San Francisco. However, since my parents both went to church in Chinatown in the City, I would have to go with them on Sundays.

Every Sunday, they would drive to San Francisco through the Bay Bridge. Every morning on those Sundays, I would watch as we crossed the bridge. I would remember just crossing it and just look out to the waters.

Following church, it was back on the bridge. I would sometimes fall asleep on the ride there. Other times, I’d just listen to music as my dad drove. I even notice the fixed part of the bridge my dad would drive over. That was the part that had to be repaired after the 1989 earthquake.

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My experience at the world premiere of ‘Getaway’

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I got passes to the world premiere of Getaway a while back and I was so glad that my old colleague was able to join me for it. I had gotten there at noon by recommendation for these things and I didn’t have to get there that early. But I got there anyway, hung out with the other people in line and waited. Since it was a big deal, business attire was advised. I wore my suit. Fresh!

The event was in Westwood and they had a black carpet set up. Unfortunately where we were lined up, we couldn’t see the black carpet. And even if we had any chance, it was taken away when we were ushered into the theater before any of the celebrities showed up.

There were a ton of Selena Gomez kids just waiting there to see their favorite star. This was why I wanted to go to this, but I never saw her. She was there, just not when I had the chance. But they did have a bunch of Mustang Shelbys lined up. That was nice.

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Churches shouldn’t be so Hollywood even though we should have a Hollywood-like Christian lifestyle

Our Christian faith should be very Hollywood without making it so Hollywood.

Having now lived in Los Angeles for over a year now, I’ve started to adapt to the culture and the lifestyle of my environment. Now I’ve started to take a lot more notice on presentation of outfits, the way people act and also the ways of Hollywood.

Hollywood to me has always been a fantasy. Growing up in the Bay, I always viewed Hollywood as celebrities living a lavish lifestyle, getting everything handed to them and to a point, a separation from the real world.

It still is in a lot of ways. Especially with TMZ rolling around, their lives are so high-profile that anything and everything done is big news. It’s kind of neat but also very scary. For some people, they get so absorbed in their own falsehood of reality that they lose touch. It’s what drives people away from Hollywood.

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Yeah, I cried watching the latest episode of Project Runway

Yes, I watch Project Runway. It’s a great show and for me, it’s teaches me a lot about fashion. As you know, I have an eye for fashion and it just is so fascinating.

Even if you haven’t watched a single episode before, I say you have to watch this one. It’s so emotional and I just cried my eyes out.


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Chris Brown drops knowledge on TMZ but should he have done that?

In a sense, Chris Brown is right. Gossip and celebrity news outlets rely on celebrities. Without celebrities, these guys at TMZ would have no job. Brown is right saying this.

But there is the fact that if Brown didn’t do things that are worth reporting, then it wouldn’t be an issue. The best way to avoid TMZ’s wrath is to not doing anything controversial. But somehow, someway, Brown finds himself doing something that grabs TMZ’s attention.

And of course, publicly calling out TMZ with those words doesn’t really help the cause of not drawing attention.

So here we are. I enjoy Chris Brown as an artist, but outside of his music, he’s just a little out there.

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