I saw Metallica at AT&T Park on Saturday night. It was great. It was awesome! Here are two videos! That’s all!!!

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Bay Area get yourself ready for me!

This is what’s going down as I make my return this weekend. Bay Area, get ready!

Friday: Arrive at noon. No plans for anything. You wanna do something? Hit me up.

Saturday: SF all day. Lunch in the City and Metallica at night.

Sunday: Somewhere and then a Super Bowl party!

Monday: Staying at home because it’s Chinese New Year baby!

Tuesday: Lunch in El Cerrito before another trip to San Jose.

Wednesday: Absolutely nothing. But a dinner time deal.

Thursday: Driving back to LA.


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Going viral once again

All the details you need to know in this tweet. Yes!

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11/22/63 is coming to TV and I am so excited

This is my favorite Stephen King book of all time. Plus since you know I am obsessed with JFK assassination theories, this is perfect.

I love the book so much I might need to read it again.

This trailer is really promising. I have time when this comes out. I will binge it all!

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I am not going to the Super Bowl

I have a friend who is a season ticket holder to the 49ers and has the rights to SB tickets. He’s a Broncos fan.

If the Broncos won, he goes to the game.

If they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, he’d give me the rights to the ticket for the Super Bowl.

The Broncos are in so I am out.

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Lock in that $404.87 insurance claim

Last month at a red light, someone hit my bumper. Minor scratch. Could realistically just take a nice paint to fix it.

I filed an insurance claim and then went to get the car checked out. I finally got my check for $404.87. I didn’t think the damage would be that much but they might be assuming that I get a new bumper.

Now what do I do? The damage isn’t so bad that I need to get the bumper fixed. Do I just hold on to this money and use it for something else? Maybe yeah. It could pay for part of my vacation.

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Shura should be your new favorite artist because she’s so helpful to me

This is my favorite song from Shura, whose fame is starting to rise. I like this song so much, I had it on repeat. I shared that news and she liked it!

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