I just watched the pilot episode of ‘Pitch’ and I hated it

** This post will contain spoilers

I wanted to like this show. I really wanted it to be good. I like the idea of a woman pitching in the big leagues. I would love to see that in real life.

But this show did not make it seem plausible. It didn’t even make the effort to make such a potential historical event seem like something that could actually happen. Instead, no reality was suspended and it felt like some made for TV Disney Channel movie. There were some bits of reality to it but way too much fantasy to make this show worth watching.

The idea of a woman pitching in the big leagues isn’t something that I think will never happen. I would love to see it. But Fox (yeah, my employer) did not do a great job of portraying that reality. Instead they gave us a premise with little to no background and a reality I could not live with.

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‘Eight Days a Week’ was a great trip to Beatles memory lane

This was an absolute blast to watch this last night. I really enjoyed the rare clips and the stories behind the band during the touring years. Yes, it seems like it was the same as the anthology but what made it different was that for two hours, it focused solely on the band and this four-year window during their touring days.

They shared about the people they had to work with, the agony of escaping fans, the drama of being The Beatles and the desire to get out of touring when the pressure mounted.

This was an absolute gem of a movie just learning, singing and reliving all the memories of The Beatles during the height of their popularity. They enjoyed the fame but everything that came with it was so tough. I think Paul’s line was the best (paraphrasing): “We were kings but we felt like prisoners.”

It was heartbreaking in some sense but thrilling as well. Now every time I see clips, I now see it in a different perspective. They weren’t all happy. It was tough. It was obligation. It was life being The Beatles.

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I went to Qualcomm Stadium to see the Jaguars face the Chargers

I had never been to Qualcomm Stadium and I wanted to see a game there before the team potential moves. Jaguars were in town. Let’s go!

The stadium is not impressive but getting there on the trolley was real easy. Nothing too nice about this stadium. The audio was weak. Scoreboard was weak. Jaguars looked weak.

So much weakness. But hey, off my bucket list!

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IKEA crawfish is the best baby!!!

I like IKEA foods and I’ve known about them serving more than just the regular menu. A month ago I signed up for their crawfish buffet. Oh man, it was fun!

It was like a private party. All the crawfish you want (they were iced) and meatballs, soups, breads, desserts and drinks. I think I ate about 20 crawfish, about 20 meatballs, so many deviled eggs and tuna. I was so full! What a great Friday night dinner it was!

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Jury duty for the first time

I have never done jury duty before. For all these years I have avoided it because of school, living in a different place or something else. I avoided it for so long.

In fact, I was supposed to show up last month but I forgot. I can’t miss this one. What do I wear? What do I bring? How long do I stay?

Today we find out. I don’t want to be here. This sucks.

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Man, 20 years ago 2Pac left us and I still miss him

My favorite rapper ever.

This is his greatest song ever.

I miss him .

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What a crazy time

I am so packed busy these days.

Because of my new job, I work weekends. That means busy time away from friends. Busy time away from church. Busy busy busy!

Then I got all that traveling in October. In one week I will be going from LA to SF, then back to LA before a trip to MIN, then back for a drive to Vegas.

And not only that, but I don’t have time to actually have nice full days to spend with my girl. And on top of that, I am still trying to find full-time work, which means I am still hunting for a job and interviewing for it and so forth.

Crazy time. And I got concerts to attend as well. Oh man!

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