Processing the suicide of Pastor Jarrid Wilson and celebrating what he did for me and my faith

On Monday, Pastor Jarrid Wilson took his own life at the age of 30. I’m still processing this as I have a connection with him despite never having met him.

But before I talk about my thoughts, here are some details on who he was and what he was about.

First, here is a tweet from Senior Pastor Greg Laurie with a link detailing Wilson’s role and impact at Harvest, a church based in SoCal in which he joined 18 months ago.

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When your creation gets featured and shared by important folks

For work, I created some Rick and Morty assets for social media to go with our new Rick and Morty crate.

I created them myself and posted them on Loot Crate’s channels. Then this happened!

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The whole Faithbox idea is absurd

This is Faithbox. They are a subscription company that sends Christian things every month. For $25 per box (or $22 per box if you go for a yearly plan) they will send you Christian items based on a theme. The theme you see above is money. So they will send you money-related Christian things like how to handle it, how to tithe… and oh look, a wallet with Faithbox’s logo on it.

What a strange concept. I know that the subscription box concept is designed for people who are fans. (I know. That is my profession.) You can be fans of TV shows, music artists, movies, etc. But can you really be a fan of Christianity? No. Christianity is not something you be a fan of in life. It’s a lifestyle. You are fans of creations made by other people. The Christian faith is not that.

So it’s very strange that this thing exists. And I would assume it was created by Christians. So people are asked to give money to an organization for something to receive an unknown entity (what’s inside the box) in hopes that it will answer questions they may be having in their lives.

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is perfect and we need more!

Crazy how my last blog post here was about the trailer to this movie. Now I return so I can share it all with you.

I remember telling my friend that this movie was going to be my people’s “Black Panther” in which all the Asian folks will flock the theaters and be so proud of their heritage. This movie had so much high expectations for me. I wanted it to be that important for my people. And even though it won’t live up to the hype of T’Chala and Wakanda, I couldn’t have asked for a better movie for my people.

The hype leading up to the movie’s release was the same narrative: First major Hollywood film with an all-Asian cast since “The Joy Luck Club” 25 years ago. And that narrative needed to be repeated over and over again. I was too young to even know about “The Joy Luck Club” and the portrayal and representation of Asians in American pop culture is so minimal. There are few leading roles and they’re a lot of stereotypes. And also there are a lot of whitewashing Asian roles. It’s a hard thing for me to grow up with not having any true representation.

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The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ trailer is here! YES!!!

When was the last time Hollywood had a movie featuring an all-Asian cast?

Yeah, it was “The Joy Luck Club” and that was released nearly 25 years ago.

I loved the book and I really was excited to see that it was being made into a movie. Now as we get closer to the release of the movie, I am very anxious about it.

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‘I Can Only Imagine’ is a rare Christian movie that isn’t awful


So last week I finally got to see this movie because there was a lot of buzz surrounding it. It was presented to me as a movie that is a must-see because it is a Christian movie that isn’t bad.

Because nearly 95% of all Christian movies I see are so bad. But this one wasn’t. It wasn’t super amazing, but I actually viewed this as a pretty decent film.

But this was a rare treat because unlike all the other Christian movies I have seen, this had a believable story (well, it was based on real events), the acting was competent, and the basic structure of lighting, sound, etc all seemed pretty good.

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So Easter is tomorrow

I still think about how every year we approach Easter and that the message of Christ is kind of lost in it between the sales, the eggs and all that. Or maybe I have been so busy that I can’t really see how much Jesus is being talked.

But I do know that it is so important for the message of the resurrection to reign supreme.

But it’s not an easy thing to just explain to people who don’t know. I mean, how can you really believe a story about a man who rose from the dead?

But it’s true. And that’s the challenge. In this world, it’s hard to imagine the impossible. Unless you are willing to let the impossible be a reality. And that is hard to take in unless you believe in a God who can allow of this to happen.

Maybe this will help me understand and see Easter in a new light. More from the perspective of the outsider. This is a side of the Easter testimony the churches haven’t really taught me how to do well.

Hmmm, something for me to ponder.

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