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What could have been if the A’s made a deep playoff run

What could have been. It would have been nice to own some of these.

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Christians shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween because it glorifies the devil

The masks, the sugar-filled candy, the invasion of houses with all the decorations. It’s all evil and Christians should not take part of this evilness we call Halloween.

Even though kids think it’s fun, fun isn’t allowed for Christians. We are supposed to stay at home with our families and talk about how we need to pray for everyone who is having fun. Then also, we need to think about certain friends that don’t agree with what we do and shun them.

People who drink coffee, listen to rap music or wear clothing not purchased from C28 must be prayed for immediately. Also since they don’t own the latest David Crowder album, we are worried about their souls.

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Controversial? Game’s new album cover art features Jesus dressed up as a Blood

New album with controversial cover.

The Twitter world (and possibly the rest of the Internet world real soon) is buzzing about the new cover for Game’s latest album (due in December) called Jesus Piece. As you can see, it’s an image of Jesus wearing an outfit that the Bloods (a gang) normally wear. And as we all know, Jesus and gang violence don’t mix.

Now before we get our panties up in a bunch, let me drop a few notes that you should know. Some background information, if you will.

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2012 Oakland Athletics: 40 moments that defined the magical year


I love this team.

Baseball season isn’t over, but for me it is. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and re-live the 2012 A’s season.


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When it comes to hateful words, I got skin like a rhinoceros

Why can’t I get this outta my head. The beat is dope, but the lyrics are bad. Yet in a way, it’s done so well considering how bad it is.

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Bling Bling

Professional football player Benjamin Watson talks about how our desires for material things isn’t exactly what we really need for true validation.

And on a side note, “Bling Bling” is a really good song and part of my upbringing. It’s a song I know most of the lyrics too but I don’t truly believe I need it to be worth anything. God already sees value in me.

Truth In The Game

The year was 1999.  Cash Money Records artist BG had just released the hit song Bling Bling which made the already coined term iconic.  I was a freshman at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  I can remember riding in the car, sitting in my dorm room, or getting ready for practice with my teammates bobbing my head to the lyrics, “bling bling, every time I come around your city bling bling, pinky ring worth about fifty (thousand dollars), bling bling, every time I buy a new ride, bling bling, Lorinsers on Yokahama tires.”

As a college freshman I definitely didn’t have a dollar to my name, (much less any bling) but that song made me feel like I had a million bucks!  The idea of bling brought swag, pride, and a certain level of respect.  I didn’t have any, so the plan was for me and my roommate to…

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2012 Oakland Athletics: This season was more than just a game for me

A’s players salute the fans for an amazing season.

If you tried to write a script for a movie on the 2012 Oakland Athletics team you’d get rejected by ever major movie company in Hollywood. Their story was something that even the craziest writers in the world couldn’t dream up. The team defied so many odds, so many injuries and gave the city of Oakland and the baseball world one of the most improbable seasons in history.

Unfortunately the season ended last night in a 6-0 loss to the Detroit Tigers. But the scene following the game was one of the most beautiful things ever seen in baseball. As the Tigers celebrated, the Oakland A’s fans stood, gave their players a “Let’s Go Oakland!” chant. The standing ovation for their beloved Oakland team led to what I consider a pure moment of appreciation. The fans stayed to thank the players. The players in return gave their curtain calls to the fans. Even the Tigers tipped their caps to a worthy opponent. Then right there on the field, the A’s players embraced each other — acknowledging a truly amazing adventure through the summer of 2012 that they would never forget.


It was a very odd start to the baseball season. The A’s entered Spring Training with hopes of bringing back Manny Ramirez to their roster in May. Scott Sizemore’s injury forced the A’s to turn to Josh Donaldson at the position and the roster was filled with rookies and some players that the fanbase barely knew. And stranger was the season began a week before everyone else — and it was in Tokyo.

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