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How my trip back to the Bay Area was amazing

Even though #CREAM, #Love always wins.

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As some of you know from my last post about the Bay, I really enjoyed my time there. I was working from the office, I was seeing all the cool things they had around the place. And most importantly, I was being important. And plus I took public transportation each time, which was nice.

They were asking me questions and my input. I was working and giving suggestions, throwing out solutions and all that jazz. I really feel comfortable knowing that I can spend my career doing this and knowing I am useful. I am appreciated.

Another great thing was that I got to hang out with friends. Seeing my old college buddies was great. I even got a chance to see a friend who happened to be working at Amazon nearby whom I haven’t seen in 10 years I think. It was really nice to just be back in the Bay and totally relaxed

As you can see above, that’s one of the cool things along the walls at Yahoo. And I think I will be back sooner than later.


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How my trip back to the Bay Area has been so far

#Yahoo knew I was coming and rolled out the purple carpet for me. #BayArea get ready, I'm back!!

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I am so happy to be back in the Bay. Sure it’s mainly the South Bay, but I spent six years of my life here. It’s something. Plus, look at the welcome they gave me.

I had to fly out of LAX at 7:40am, which meant the shuttle that picked me up came at 4:30. Ooof. And what’s worse was when the shuttle pulled up, I walked out of my house and straight to the car door. The driver didn’t open it for me. I just stood there. Apparently he was standing next to the trunk waiting to see me leave my house. I entered the car by myself.

Then the driver walked to the front door and waited and even called my phone. He didn’t know I already entered. SMH.

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Return to the Bay

I worked my way into getting a business trip to Sunnyvale extended from one day to four days. Great! I will be back on Tuesday, flying out on Friday. I won’t have a car so I will have to take light rail and/or bum off people.

Anyway, who’s free for something? I got a lot of free time in between my work hours.

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Uncertainty again!

I think one of the craziest things about my career is that it’s ever changing. Whether or not it’s my position or the assignments I do, it’s always changing. Most times these things are unpredictable but that’s what I love about my job. It’s not your M-F, 9-5 kind of deal. Every day is different. The hours are different. It’s fun.

So I sit here wondering what is my next step. I’ve gotten real far and I know I got the skills. But where do I go from here? I think that maybe I’ll figure it out soon. But until then, I know where I stand and where I’ll go.

To be continued and onward and upward. Life’s good because God is good.

BTW, I can’t wait to head back to the Bay this weekend. Oh yeah!!!

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New BART train looks so hot

I mean, no more smelly brown germ-infested seats. There’s room for your bike. The air conditioning is good. The bright colors make me happy. The exterior is amazing!

I’m coming back home for BART! I gotta ride this train.

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Going to San Diego to see Mariano Rivera one last time


So lucky to have seen this live in person one last time. Petco was a great park also, my second favorite ever now. I’ll write more in my 53 Steps journal. But good baseball, good eats. Wow!!!

Originally posted on But at the end of the day...:

I’ve been lucky enough to see Mariano Rivera pitch before. It was special. But with this being his last season, I had to go see him one last time. I drove two hours down to San Diego to see him play. And this was my first time at Petco Park.


The park itself was beautiful. And when the 8th inning approached, everyone started to crowd this one stairway that was above the bullpen. Security tried to clear the way for people, but it was just too hard.

The entire series featured about 50-50 split in Yankees and Padres fans. And on Saturday when Rivera came in, the entire stadium was cheering for him. It was an awesome experience to see him pitch. There was just an aura off something special there. I just can’t put it into words.

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Booked and ready to go!

So it’s set. I finally have my flights booked. It sucks that I waited this long to find the best deal on my return flight. It’s expensive!!!

May 21-24 are the dates I am back home. Good stuff, I hope to be able to get back and catch up. I’ll be in SJ mainly since I got a Fleetwood Mac concert on the 22nd.

I’ll see friends, do some dinnering with the SJ people. Then on the 24th, my mom’s graduation before I have to fly back to LA. This is tough, but I gotta do that with the fact I have to work the following day at 3am. It is what it is, I suppose. Let’s go!

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