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What a crazy time

I am so packed busy these days.

Because of my new job, I work weekends. That means busy time away from friends. Busy time away from church. Busy busy busy!

Then I got all that traveling in October. In one week I will be going from LA to SF, then back to LA before a trip to MIN, then back for a drive to Vegas.

And not only that, but I don’t have time to actually have nice full days to spend with my girl. And on top of that, I am still trying to find full-time work, which means I am still hunting for a job and interviewing for it and so forth.

Crazy time. And I got concerts to attend as well. Oh man!

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I am going to Paisley Park in October because I am a huge Prince fan!

Is this really happening?

When they announce that Paisley Park would be open for tours, I immediately jumped on it. I have to go. I love Prince.

But a return to Minnesota? I haven’t been there since 2010. But yes, for Prince, I must.

Oct 4-7. It has been set. I am going on opening day Oct 6 and will end the night at First Avenue. How cool is that?

The rest of the trip? Undetermined. My friend Louis is letting me crash at his place. All for you Prince!

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Where have you gone Sam?

Wow! What a crazy week it’s been and my birthday is tomorrow! Well, that’s for turning 30 years old.

I spent the past week in the Bay and got to go see a lot of people and just enjoy some time off. But still, it’s been a major stressful time working for V3con and then still trying to find a new job. It sucks when you know you’re good enough and you’re so close so many times but nothing works out.

Still, I am blessed beyond everything! I keep it at that!

Here are some photos from my trip. I hope to get back to writing this a lot more frequently. We’ll see.

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Day 2 of my trip to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Recap time!

But at the end of the day...

The problem with having a clueless millennial help you take a photo is that it’s not straight and it’s vertical. Oh well.

Sunday was the whole reason why I made this trip out to Cooperstown. It was time for the induction ceremony for four players from my generation. I was so excited to make it out there but I was also running on empty in terms of sleep. It took me an hour to get to my lodging area and because the doors to the museum opened up at 7AM for Hall of Fame members (that’s me) I woke up at 5AM to prepare my checkout and drive to the Hall. But one benefit of that was that the parking was easy to find (and free) in the area right next to the Hall.

It rained a little that morning but that wasn’t going to deter me. In fact, I…

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First day of my trip to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame

What a tremendous day it was for me. I boarded my flight late Friday night after it was originally canceled. I had to work with Expedia to get it all fixed up. The new flight had me go to Detroit then go to Albany. I picked up my rental car and drove an hour to Cooperstown. I got to Cooperstown and since this was not my first time, I didn’t spend a lot of time marveling. I grabbed a quick BLTA for lunch and then went to the stores along Main Street.

The street is filled with baseball memorabilia shops and a lot of things that I know I might buy. One of the first places I went to was Mickey’s Place. It’s a great store of throwback caps that I buy from online. I didn’t visit it the first time I went so I had to do it this time. I didn’t buy anything but look at their selection!


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My Baseball Hall of Fame trip itinerary

You wanna know what I am doing this weekend?

Weekend itinerary:
Friday: Board plane
Saturday: Baseball Hall of Fame
Sunday: Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony
Monday: Basketball Hall of Fame
Tuesday: Boston Freedom Trail & Fenway Park
Wednesday: Return to California

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How my trip back to the Bay Area was amazing

Even though #CREAM, #Love always wins.

A photo posted by Sam (@smallflybox) on

As some of you know from my last post about the Bay, I really enjoyed my time there. I was working from the office, I was seeing all the cool things they had around the place. And most importantly, I was being important. And plus I took public transportation each time, which was nice.

They were asking me questions and my input. I was working and giving suggestions, throwing out solutions and all that jazz. I really feel comfortable knowing that I can spend my career doing this and knowing I am useful. I am appreciated.

Another great thing was that I got to hang out with friends. Seeing my old college buddies was great. I even got a chance to see a friend who happened to be working at Amazon nearby whom I haven’t seen in 10 years I think. It was really nice to just be back in the Bay and totally relaxed

As you can see above, that’s one of the cool things along the walls at Yahoo. And I think I will be back sooner than later.


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