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Warriors to the NBA Finals is all the gravy

As I think back to last night, I realized that I didn’t cry. I could have cried. I should have cried.

It was that 5-year old kid at St. Joseph’s Elementary school making his first basket on the playground, thinking back to the Warriors he saw on TV.

It’s that kid who was so excited about the Antawn Jamison draft pick that he drew Jamison’s new Warriors jersey and taped it on his wall.

It was that little boy who thought that the head coaching changes were decent and that the 1999 team was on to good things.

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Sitting back and reminiscing about David Letterman

Growing up as a kid, there were two main late night talk show hosts that I could have watched. One was Jay Leno who the American public deemed to be great. I never thought he was great. The other was David Letterman, who was really odd many times and never had the top guests in comparison to Leno. I gravitated toward Letterman because I was weird too.

There were so many things about Letterman’s comedy that stood out to me. As you can see above, the Top 10 list was something that was so silly yet I wanted more of it. I loved Biff Henderson’s weird adventures and Rupert Jee’s willingness to do silly things with Dave. Even stupid human tricks and Will it Float were segments that probably was so lame for the average viewer, yet it was great for me.

What made Letterman funny to me was that he didn’t seem to be too serious. When it came to Leno, he kept it safe and really worked hard to keep whatever movie or album promotion as the focus. But for Letterman, he really just had a conversation with the guests and they truly seemed to enjoy hanging with him.

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I got to see The Rock at the San Andreas premiere

I was already excited to see this movie but when I found out that I could get free passes to see San Andreas early and The Rock was hosting it, I was on board. I had always wanted to see a movie at the Chinese Theatre and here we are. I got there at around 9:45 which was good timing considering the long line that had already started. I got a wristband for the handprint ceremony later. Yes!

When we got into the theatre, The Rock came and greeted people with selfies, Periscope and submitted Q&As from Twitter and from fans in the crowd. He was so cool, making jokes and just having a good time. I really like the guy and he is a great entertainer. Just being the presence of the legend was great and I tried to take as many pictures as I can from it.


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So I went to Chula Vista to see Lana Del Rey and I had fun

Yesterday me and my cousin went down to San Diego. To be more specific, Chula Vista to see Lana Del Rey. We are both fans and yet when we lined up, we realized we did not match the people in line. We had no flower crown, we didn’t look like we belonged. But who cares, it was great.

Courtney Love was the opening act and she did cover “Gold Dust Woman” from the Mac, so that was cool. But that’s now who I came to see.

Lana wore a red dress that looked really nice. But the problem with her show, which was something that I expected, was that since her songs are so slow and somber, she did not do much during the show in terms of moving around. Her diva persona was on point during the show. At one time, while she was singing “West Coast,” she stopped the song because her microphone was giving her issues. She kinda chewed out the techies, did a conceited sound check and resumed.

The entire show featured some grainy black and white, and sometimes multicolored video screen with just her face singing the entire time. It was such a not so exciting show because of the songs she performed, but she sounded wonderful.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting the death penalty brings me sadness

When this news broke, it saddened me. I knew that he had to be punished for his horrible act of violence. Yet in my heart I knew that the death penalty was just not right.

I scrolled through my Twitter account and I saw tweets of people being happy with the decision. People I know and people I follow, there was a sense of joy in the decision. Some were instantly demanding more, that they wanted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to have the most brutal form of execution.

Reading all of that broke my heart.

I remember when the news of Osama bin Laden’s death made its way around the Internet. It was the same reaction. A celebration of his death. I didn’t feel right about celebrating. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the “eye for an eye” mentality so many people seem to desire.

I tweeted my instant reaction.

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I finally got to see Tess Henley perform live on Revolt TV!

Tess5Let me tell you a story.

Last year I saw that somebody followed me on Twitter. It was a singer/songwriter/music artist by the name of Tess Henley. I had never heard of her before at the time but I was curious as to why she would follow me. Maybe it was because I tweet about music a lot. Out of curiosity, I decided to go to Spotify to listen to some her stuff, see what she was about. I dug her sound. It was refreshing and fun. I followed back.

As I continued to listen to her music more, I became a fan. I would every now and then just put on her music during my writing sessions. I even picked up her latest EP, which is very good.

In fact, my last story was partially inspired by her. I detailed it here.

I had always wanted to see her perform live since I started listening her music. I think it was because she was an artist I liked and she seemed to be just real down to earth. Plus I like going to concerts, so there’s that too. But unfortunately with my busyness of schedule with my job, I rarely ever can make it out to any concerts at night anymore. But then I found out that she’s performing for Revolt at noon and I knew that I could pull that one off.

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So I just recorded my part for the new Mew music video

Mew is one of my favorite bands of all time. In fact, they could be my favorite live act ever I’ve seen right behind Prince and Fleetwood Mac. They are a band from Denmark I discovered back then when I was in college. With their new album that was just released a few weeks ago, they proposed this project for an upcoming music video. Fans can submit photos and audio of them singing to the song and they will be mixed into the music video. That’s all I know but the process for it was pretty intense. I had to sign up, follow all the instructions and submit my work.

The first part of the process was to read all the instructions and submit a photo from my laptop’s camera to imitate that of lead singer Jonas.

This is the original picture.


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