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Going viral once again

All the details you need to know in this tweet. Yes!


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11/22/63 is coming to TV and I am so excited

This is my favorite Stephen King book of all time. Plus since you know I am obsessed with JFK assassination theories, this is perfect.

I love the book so much I might need to read it again.

This trailer is really promising. I have time when this comes out. I will binge it all!

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I am not going to the Super Bowl

I have a friend who is a season ticket holder to the 49ers and has the rights to SB tickets. He’s a Broncos fan.

If the Broncos won, he goes to the game.

If they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, he’d give me the rights to the ticket for the Super Bowl.

The Broncos are in so I am out.

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Lock in that $404.87 insurance claim

Last month at a red light, someone hit my bumper. Minor scratch. Could realistically just take a nice paint to fix it.

I filed an insurance claim and then went to get the car checked out. I finally got my check for $404.87. I didn’t think the damage would be that much but they might be assuming that I get a new bumper.

Now what do I do? The damage isn’t so bad that I need to get the bumper fixed. Do I just hold on to this money and use it for something else? Maybe yeah. It could pay for part of my vacation.

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Shura should be your new favorite artist because she’s so helpful to me

This is my favorite song from Shura, whose fame is starting to rise. I like this song so much, I had it on repeat. I shared that news and she liked it!

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Just got Rachel Platten to sign my CD and she remembers me from 4 years ago!

I got a chance to see Rachel Platten today at her CD signing at Barnes & Noble. This was really cool because I won a contest to get to the front of the line for it. There were about 100 people in line at the beginning of the signing.

This was really cool to see. First of all, she took pictures with a bunch of children that were from a hospital I think. Her song “Fight Song” has become a song of inspiration and there were so many people sharing their stories with her and telling her how inspirational she is. And she talked with every single person. So much love!!!!!

What’s really awesome about Rachel is that she hasn’t changed. When I met her in 2012, she was this sweet caring artist who wanted to love and hug everyone. Today was no different despite her rising fame. She was hugging, smiling and loving every single fan in line.

But here is the cool thing.

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Holy cow! I’m featured in the booklet of Rachel Platten’s new CD ‘Wildfire’

As some of you know, I am a huge Rachel Platten fan. Her music got me through a rough 2012 and I even got a chance to see her perform in concert right after I moved to LA in May 2012. She was touring and promoting her new album. She wasn’t a big star yet. But I believed in her always.

Today she owns the #2 album on iTunes with her newest release “Wildfire.” Not only that, her music has capture the entire world and now she’s so popular!

While preparing the album, she offered her fans a chance to submit a photo for the CD booklet. I immediately sent in my submission hoping to get it in.

I got the album today and I’m actually in it!

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