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This is how boss I am making $200 from nothing

They were giving away free stuff at work back in February. I decided to see what I can pick up. I saw this game-issued Jermaine Gresham jersey. Knowing that I have no use for it, I got it anyway because I knew it had value.

After several weeks on having it up on eBay, a buyer worked a deal with me and BAM! $200 in my pocket for a jersey I got for free.

This is how I rock!


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I really want a pair of the new NIKE MAG shoes for my collection

Only the rich people can have the fun by affording this.

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I just sold my custom painted Hideki Matsui bobblehead for some good money

Sold for $100.

When I first bought this bobblehead, I had the notion to custom paint it and sell it. I bought two of them so I could sell one and keep one for myself. I had always been curious as to how much it would go for if I sold a custom painted bobblehead that I knew was the only one out there in the open market.

Plus, with encouragement from friends, I had a good feeling about how my painting skills have come around recently. Looking at past custom jobs from other sellers, I set the bid at $99.99 and it sold!

But with that, I will stop selling bobbleheads. One of the things that I had always worried about is that once I started making money off a hobby I love, it not longer becomes a hobby. It becomes a job and I don’t want to make it a job. Besides, there are legalities in selling anything with the likeness and image of a player or a company logo without their consent.

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Painting my own Charlie Brown Oakland Athletics bobblehead

Inspired by painting my San Francisco Giants Lucy bobblehead to an Oakland A’s bobblehead (VIDEO HERE), I decided that I wanted to add in Charlie Brown to the mix. As an A’s fan and a Peanuts fan, this was a project that would be difficult.

There are only three MLB teams to my knowledge that have released stadium giveaway Charlie Brown bobbleheads: The Giants, Pirates and Tigers. The Giants’ one was only given to kids back in 2005 and it usually goes for around $200 on eBay. The Pirates one (released in 2003) is cheaper at $50 and the Tigers (2010) is around the same price too.

I wasn’t going to spend a whole lot on this project so I had to decide on either the Pirates or the Tigers’ version. I didn’t like how either one of them looked. I then found an eBay listing for a Charlie Brown bobblehead from Kings Island for $40.

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Another fun eBay story in which I get something for free

So which one of these is the real video game?

During Black Friday, I tried to get NBA 2K11 for $29.99 but because of stupid people, it never happened.

Because I really wanted the game, I went on eBay to buy it and I found a deal in which I can buy it for only $31 (with some shipping cost I can’t remember). But it was a good deal and I jumped on it.

But before I did, I had to think about how legit this listing was. The bar code matched, the description matched and the location of the item was in New York. With that, I believed that I was buying from a seller from the States, not some bootleg seller in some other country.

I placed the order and I waited. The seller sent me a tracking code for the order. I checked it and I discovered something odd.

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That’s why you shouldn’t lie on the Internet, it gives people like me the wrong idea

This is the jersey I received. It is not the jersey that was sold to me. The seller lied to me.

This is why you don’t like on the Internet. Because of lies, it just causes disappointment and confusion for the rest of us.

So here’s the story. Two weeks ago I was just looking through eBay when I came across this listing. As a Steve Young fan, this specific jersey has been on my watch list for the longest time. The jersey cost only $1, but the shipping was $55. Fair enough. On eBay, they don’t take any percentage from the shipping, so I was fine for paying $56 for a jersey that goes for around $275.

It was too good to be true right? How can a jersey so hard to come by and expensive be so cheap? I bought it and the seller said that it would take two weeks to get to my house. Fine with me, as long as I get the jersey. But I had a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong.

It arrived in the mail today and as you can see from the picture taken, it is not the jersey I ordered. The jersey is authentic, but it’s a different design.  I actually have a right to refund this because the seller did not sell what was listed on eBay. The image they used was misleading.

There is a major hassle that goes into it. Had he provided the right picture and not given me the wrong idea, this would have never happened. I would have never bought the jersey. But because of his lie, I now have something that I don’t want that I already have paid for. I am going to work with the seller to fix this. If not, I’ll take it right up to eBay. In any case, I am in a win-win situation… just a complicated hassle.


On a side note, I’m having a good day today. Hung out with my dear friend, took a fat nap and it felt good. Lasagna for dinner tonight. All good!

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