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Persistence for my XBOX 360

So here was the deal. A few weeks ago I bought the new XBOX 360 Slim. I have kept it in its box the entire time. I told myself that I had not earned it until I got my first paycheck from my new internship. Because of that, I had waited until I got my paycheck so I know I can pay it off.

I just got my first paycheck today and I am gonna play some Madden 11.

It feels good to be rewarded (by myself hahahaha) for my “hard work”. Well, I have been working hard and it’s a good break for me. I usually don’t spend much on myself but this is nice.

Thank God for the opportunity to find an internship that I know I am good at. And to anyone who reads this, thank you for your support. I’m treating you all out to one item off the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s!


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What is the meaning of faith?

Just a random thought going through my mind.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently and it all involved about an undecided future. I really don’t know what the future holds for me and it does start to worry me. Where will my job be? Where will my relationships with people close to me be? What about my finances? All that stuff has been on my mind.

Throughout all this, I constantly remind myself that there is only a handful of things I can do about the situation. The rest of it is up to God. I have faith that he’ll take care of things.

I think that’s what has been holding me together as I’m trying to figure things out. I know in my heart that God can take care of a lot of things and it’s just on me to trust Him.

Having the faith in God is something that’s still a huge thing to grasp. Faith is being able to believe in something/someone without having clear evidence right there to back it up. So how can I have faith in God when there isn’t clear evidence that He’ll take care of things?

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Into the Wind: The story of Terry Fox’s fight against cancer

I just watched this great documentary about Terry Fox. The movie is directed by Steve Nash and it tells the story of Fox’s marathon across Canada to raise money for cancer research.

It was a very touching movie and it is truly inspirational.

The series of movies that ESPN has put out over the past year has been tremendous and this is by far one of the best ones.

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If you missed me on radio last week, you can listen in on it here

I just got the podcast/audio file of my radio interview last week. Obviously it is not relevant now since it’s a week later. But if you haven’t heard me on radio before, you can listen to it here.


And I am scheduled to go on again tomorrow morning to talk about Jimmy Raye’s firing. It will be at 9:05AM. It’s 1430AM on your AM dial… if you can’t tune in on radio, click here to listen in on-line.

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I saw ‘Easy A’ and I am not too sure what to think of it

I just watched ‘Easy A’ this evening and I must say that my high school was never like that.

What’s the movie about? Watch the video.

That's Emma Stone. I don't know what other movies she has done.

I think the movie in general taught a good message about lying and how that can lead to all the bad stuff. That is true and that’s a great message.

I only watched the movie because I got in for free after visiting my buddy who works at the cinema. But anyway, back to my thoughts.

It was a lot of random twists and turns about trying to continue a lie that has grown out of control. I don’t know… maybe this movie was made for teens and I am not one. I should have watched ‘The Town’ instead but my brain didn’t feel like thinking.

A couple positives from the film was that Aly Michalka was in it. I like her. And this was Amanda Bynes’ last movie (because she has decided to retire). Also, there were a few laughs here and there. The idea itself was not bad and the ending was happy. Just wasn’t all that but for a movie to watch as I unwind and prepare myself for another tough Monday-Friday week, I’ll take it.

I wish the weekend was longer…

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Buying things on sale is a great American pastime: The story of my shopping and my hopes for the Athletics’ future

Here's a look at ALL the stuff I bought on Saturday.

On Saturday, I went to the Coliseum for their one-day awesome sale. And even though a lot of the products sold there old merchandises, it was still cool to jump on things that were 50-75% off.

Five pucks for a buck! Some of these looked pretty cool, so I had to grab them. The turkey one made me laugh.

I got there with my buddies at around 9AM to line up early. We were the first ones there. Since the sale started at 10AM, we were glad to be there first. But as the line started to grow a little by little, the workers inside setting up didn’t let us in. By 10:15AM, we were still standing outside as volunteers started to shop and get first dibs on things. I was angry and started to complain. It took them a long time to even get a person to work security to let us in. But 10:30AM, we were finally let in and like Black Friday, people just swarmed all over the place.

The first place I went to was the A’s section and I saw that most of the stuff they had were either really ugly or really irrelevant. Mis-colored caps was not what I wanted to get. Bobby Crosby T-shirts is a no thank you for me. There wasn’t any A’s stuff that I liked. The only cool thing was this $45 reversible jacket. But since I already own a jacket, it wasn’t for me. My friend Chris ended up getting it and it was the hot item that everyone was jumping on.

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49ers Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott didn’t do anything wrong by speaking to the Saints

Ronnie Lott has been under fire this week for "helping out" an opponent.

** I wrote this for my 49ers page but since some of you might not read my 49ers stuff, I’ll just post it here. There’s some relevance in it for you non-sports people.

Ronnie Lott isn’t the bad guy. He didn’t do anything wrong earlier this week. So why are 49ers fans so angry at him still?

Prior to the San Francisco 49ers’ matchup with the New Orleans Saints on Monday, the 49ers legend was asked by Saints head coach Sean Payton to speak to his team about trying to repeat as champions. Payton and Lott are good friends, so the arrangement wasn’t a difficult one to set up. Lott, a four-time champion with the 49ers, was obviously a good candidate to speak on such a topic. He’s been there before.

The 49ers would lose to the Saints on Monday and some fans started to feel that Lott betrayed the team that drafted him. On the radio, Lott explained that he was “rooting his butt off for the 49ers” on Monday and that he wasn’t being unloyal to the 49ers.

“I guess in my heart, (I had) the responsibility of saying, ‘Hey, guys, be careful. … Don’t put yourself in the position where you ruined what you guys have earned,” Lott said on his speech to the Saints. “That’s really the message.”

Lott explained that he felt that he had something to offer to the Saints and that he didn’t want to turn away people that were looking for advice.

“My dad would say, ‘Why would you not lend a hand to make the world better for someone else?’ That’s how my compass of life kind of revolves and how I live my life. … I was rooting my butt of for the 49ers, but I’m not going to turn my back on a human being because he has a Saints uniform on.”

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