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The most difficult custom bobblehead I’ve ever done: Hideki Matsui in Oakland A’s gear

I won’t go into too much detail in this bobblehead since it’s pretty much the same and you can see by the pictures what I went through. The body was really small so I had a lot of trouble trying to paint the jersey on. However, I got a few tools and it turned out OK.

This one took me the longest out of all the bobbleheads I have done and it’s probably my proudest one. I wonder how much I’d get if I sell it…

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I was on TV last night and I looked like a clown dancing around

My happy place.

Last night was a great night as I got to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the A’s play ball. Just being back at the Coliseum makes me happy. Baseball has always been my favorite sport and I cannot contain my excitement.

Despite the A’s losing the game, it was cool to get a few autographs, take a picture with the four World Series trophies. Even after the game, I ran into Gio Gonzalez at Denny’s. Overall, I got my baseball fix in. Now I wait until Friday for the real thing to begin.

And for your entertainment, here’s a video of me on Chronicle Live being an idiot.

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At the ballpark tonight to catch the A’s vs. Giants and to get my baseball on

Took this picture last year. One more trophy would look nice.

Right now I am on my way to the Coliseum for the exhibition game between the Giants and A’s. Before the game, the A’s are having a tailgate/fan fest. It’s a shame that the fan fest is on a Tuesday. Normally it’s held before the A’s/Giants game in Oakland, but since the MLB moved it’s scheduling, the game won’t be on a weekend date.

But anyway, I’m just excited for baseball. The Coliseum is my second home and I am just happy to be back there and watching my A’s. Even though this game doesn’t count for anything, it’s still baseball. It’s still my team on the field.

I get to see the new look A’s team take the field. The new acquisitions like Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham get a chance to show their stuff. The pitching of the new bullpen might get some work tonight. But more importantly, just being in a happy baseball atmosphere is all that I want. I’m gonna enjoy tonight.

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Custom painting the black uniform onto my Andrew Bailey bobblehead

I realized that none of my A’s bobbleheads feature them in the black uniforms. Since the A’s are no longer going to wear them and I wanted to change it up a little, I decided to paint my Andrew Bailey bobblehead into the black tops.

I won’t detail this like I have with the ones I’ve done in the past. Just photos after the jump.

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A’s vs. Giants exhibition baseball: The games do mean something to me

The Giants won it all last year. Whatever. It's Oakland's time NOW!

Tonight the A’s and Giants clash for an exhibition tussle in San Francisco. Tomorrow, they’ll play in Oakland and I’ll be there. It’s baseball time in the Bay and I cannot be any more excited… well, maybe when Opening Day arrives.

I wrote a guest column for my friend’s Giants blog about my love for the A’s and what this Bay Bridge Series rivalry means to me. Check it out and get a deep look into my real feelings towards the Giants.

I don’t remember what year it was when I went to my first Oakland Athletics game; but I remember that I was still a young lad in elementary school. The Raiders had not returned to Oakland and you could see the Oakland Hills behind the bleachers. The sun was out and in the middle of the gorgeous sunny summer day. I fell in love with baseball.

From that day on, the Oakland A’s were my team. Since I grew up in the East Bay, getting to the Coliseum was much easier than trying to get all the way to Candlestick Park for a game. And since I was an A’s fan, the Giants weren’t a team I … Read More

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My 1986 Oakland A’s custom painted Woody (Toy Story) bobblehead

The final result. I'm very proud of this one.

This is my latest bobblehead project. I figured that since my other three Oakland A’s bobbleheads feature jerseys in white, gold and gray, I had to make one in green. I decided to take the 1986 jersey as my choice for green.

This took me six hours because the legs were held up by a magnet. And since the magnets fell off, I had to hold onto the legs the whole time instead of using its base.

I wanted to be as accurate as possible, so I decided to put the OAKLAND script on the jersey. In order to do that, I had to break off the arms. Luckily this bobblehead was made in 2004, so the glue was old and the arms came off easily. I used a clear adhesive to apply “KLA” to the chest. Then I proceeded to paint.

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My night of nostalgia with Dru Hill (along with an arrest after the concert)

Last night I went to see Dru Hill in concert. They were my favorite R&B group growing up in elementary school. Their harmonic sounds and catchy tunes was what made my discovery of music so much fun. I own all their albums and this was my first time ever seeing these guys in concert.

The evening first started off with a trip to Yoshi’s. The restaurant is right next to the theater and the food was quite pricey, but quite good. You can see the pictures here.

The show started at 10:30 and the group performed for about an hour. They did all their classics along with a few new songs too. Nokio seemed a little distracted by his cell phone and even did a disappearing act a few times. He was the last one off the stage, but he kept looking at the crowd teasing an encore.

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