My day flying back to Oakland just for A’s FanFest

A great detail of my trip to Oakland Sunday for A’s FanFest. PHOTOS HERE.

5AM: Wake up, get my bags and get ready to head out to Long Beach Airport.

6:50AM: Up in the sky on the way to Oakland. Pretty cheap flight. Thanks JetBlue!

8:10AM: Arrive at Oakland Airport. Get picked up, head to Coliseum.

9:30AM: Get inside Oracle Arena. Since nothing was planned to begin until 10:30AM, it was a lot of walking around figuring out what to do and where to line up.

This was the tough part because it was so spread out. We had vouchers for an autograph session at the Coliseum but the designated timing was not to my liking. Plus we checked the scheduled appearances for the player photos and we had to pick and choose. We ended up lining up for the player photos and I JUST was near the end of Yoenis Cespedes’ shift. YES!

While in line, I snuck in peaks at the Q&A. They played a great intro video highlighting last season and most of the roster with coaches were there. As you can see by the above video, the chants were great.

There wasn’t much else to do so I had to pick and choose what I wanted. Ultimately, it was only photos I wanted. I stayed in line and got Cespedes. I returned to the same line and waited knowing that Hiro Nakajima was the last guy. I ended up being the front while Josh Reddick was still doing photos. I let people get ahead of me. I shouted “We love you Josh!” and he pointed back at me.

When Hiro got there, I was the first person to take a picture with him. He didn’t put his arm around me. I felt like he was lost. But later after that session, I got his autograph on my ball. He signed it in Japanese.

I rushed right down to the bottom floor to get my annual photo with the World Series trophies. They cut off the line so I missed it. But once the session was over with Sal Bando and Billy North, I asked the photographer if I could a photo just with the trophy. He told me to hurry and I got my photo. Four straight years with the trophy wearing four different uniforms. Success!

I bought a few game tickets following. Nothing too crazy but it was worth the trip back up. It was very boring standing in line for so long, but I got what I wanted so I am happy.

After that was a stop at Angeline’s for the first time. I walk by it a lot but never eat there. My first time was great. I would go again!

I am back in Southern California. It’s not as fun, but what are you gonna do? I had a good one day trip back home.

Me and Stomper


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