At the Rose Parade and I talked with a Christian with a big sign and a pre-recorded message

Every year since I have moved to SoCal, I have always attended the Rose Parade. It’s a fun thing that I wanted to do since I was a kid and now that I live here, I make it a priority to attend every year. It’s fun and I like to just watch the floats, people watch and just see the excitement. But one of the things that I have adopted is to talk with the people who hold up the big Jesus signs.

You know who they are. Like the photo of the one on the right I took today. They hold these big signs with verses from the Bible that call for people to repent, follow Jesus or eternal damnation will happen.

I am fascinated by these people. One, they are very vocal and very loud. Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t know.

The second reason why I like them is because they got major balls to be so bold in faith like this. I have to talk to them. So I have in years past. I did it again today.

This is a very poorly shot Facebook Live video I took before the Rose Parade with some bad mobile connection on my phone. Check it out. I approach and talk to a guy with a sign at the 5:00 mark. I know it’s hard to hear because he has this pre-recorded speakerbox on his hip.

First of all, every time I talk to these people, they are so nice. They are so thoughtful of their answers. For this time, I asked about why they feel this approach is better than a more intimate approach. The answer was very good. The guy I talked to said that in a crowd like this, you have the chance to read to thousands of people. Why try to focus on a one-on-one approach instead of an approach that can reach more. Instead of being in the corner, it’s better to be out and preach the truth.

The answer he gave was strong and convicting. To a point, he is right. The chance to share God’s word requires boldness and seeing the opportunity that is presented by God. But at the same time, I also value the importance of one-on-one because there you can truly get deep into the Word and the meaning of Christ.

So in a way, it’s an approach that works for some and not for others. He even said that the reactions he has received is split. And maybe this is how we should look at this.

Maybe I am just more about the intimate one-on-one approach when I talk about God. Others are out and about and loud. I don’t know if my method is right and the other is wrong. Or it’s the other way around. Or we can say that both are good. It’s really how God calls us to share the Word. Perhaps God is calling me to be more bold in my faith. I am not sure.

But every year God reveals to me that being bold in faith is not easy. But when you are bold and convicted, you can do things like walk around the Rose Parade with big signs. Is God worth it? Absolutely. Should I do it? Let’s see where God calls me. I have to trust in Him and allow Him to help me understand how to share the Good News. However God calls and wants to use me, I’m ready.



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  1. JF

    Love the post! Keep up the good work!

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