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Upset over poor word choice

Yeah this looks bad. But I also know that it was just worded poorly. You wouldn’t have “good” in quotes unless it is implying something about it.

Teacher could have worded it by saying “Name three reasons why slave owners wanted slavery” or something along those lines. It’s necessary to understand why people do certain things, even if it’s bad. But this is just poor word choice.


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Spoilers: I want to talk about the ending to ‘Get Out’

You read that headline. Spoilers ahead.

Prepare yourselves.

If you’re not ready, GET OUT!


I can’t get this movie out of my head. It was done so well that I keep thinking of all the nuggets, hidden messages, symbolism to the entire movie. We can all talk about those things at another time. Or read someone else’s observations. My post is about the final scene of the movie.

The scene I am talking about is the one at the very end when Chris crashes his car. Georgina is dead. Walter is about to kill him before the camera flash stuns him back to a momentary state of normality. Walter shoots Rose and them himself.

Then we enter the scene.

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My opinion on Steve Harvey’s racist comments against Asian men

Oh and the people were laughing with it too.

What sucks is that the stereotype of Asian men isn’t very flattering, thus making Asian men not desirable. And Steve Harvey believes it too.

Do I care what he thinks? No. But I have much less respect for him because of this.

And I do still believe the stereotype of Asian men. Why? Because most of the Asian men I see are these stereotypes. They’re basically good at math, or doing some kind of tech work, they aren’t out in about in the Hollywood premise and all that. Some of it is not our fault. Some of it is culture. So the perception of Asian men is exactly what Harvey is saying. It’s unfair and it’s wrong but it exists because it’s an unfair truth.

Not all Asian men fit the stereotype. I am not the stereotype. And I can try my best to change the view of Asian men. But as long as the public perception continues of this and the men actually further these perceptions, it will remain. I’m not racist against my own kind but I am not ignorant to why these stereotypes exist.

Asian men are desirable. They are awesome. But the perceptions of us (some by our own fault, some by the fault of others) breathe it into existence. It’s unfair. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t happen this way. I’d like to see it changed but Harvey doesn’t help it. But it’s the time we live in unfortunately.

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Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks is beautiful

In a time where there is so much division, SNL gives us a sketch that’s funny and also revealing to the fact that we may not all be that different.

This was well-done in how they showed us that possibly despite the differences we have in our political views or even our views on racism, we all share some similarities and for others, it might be a lot of similarities.

What an amazing skit and it is so telling. Wonderful!

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Swimming pool not cool photo is not racist at all

When I saw this for the first time, I didn’t even notice anything racist until it was pointed out to me.

But there are black and white kids getting along. Look, a colored lifeguard. There was no intent to be racist. I don’t see racism. I just see kids.

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#CancelColbert? I wasn’t offended

I don’t know why it’s racist. It’s a satire and it was used to prove a point.

People need to relax.

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This #HowIMetYourRacism thing is silly and people need to chill

So I watched this episode on Tuesday, before this hashtag about racism blew up. So I had no previous perception of what I had to expect during the episode. I watched the episode, I laughed a few and that was that. Not once did I realize I was supposed to be offended.

Keep in mind that I have seen every episode on the show (so I know the premises of many things related to this show) and even though this episode was OK, everything done was in character and fine. So why are people calling it racist? Because they were paying homage Kung Fu and Kill Bill? What exactly is racist about this?

It’s a fictional show about a guy making up a story to piss off his friend. And in that story, he decided to include his friends as characters. That’s it. No “ching chong ling long” was spoken. No stereotypes of bad driving and great with math was done. It’s comedy and stupidity — which is what the show is created upon. Racist? I don’t see it.

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