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How I am celebrating the Warriors

“The Warriors are insufferable. The fans are bandwagon chumps. They are this stacked team and nobody likes how they’ve destroyed parity.” I don’t care. I grew up a Warriors fan in the mid 1990s when Run TMC had already disbanded and the team was going to endure a pretty pathetic playoff drought. For over a […]

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Bay Area get yourself ready for me!

This is what’s going down as I make my return this weekend. Bay Area, get ready!

Friday: Arrive at noon. No plans for anything. You wanna do something? Hit me up.

Saturday: SF all day. Lunch in the City and Metallica at night.

Sunday: Somewhere and then a Super Bowl party!

Monday: Staying at home because it’s Chinese New Year baby!

Tuesday: Lunch in El Cerrito before another trip to San Jose.

Wednesday: Absolutely nothing. But a dinner time deal.

Thursday: Driving back to LA.


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Attending Game 1 of the NBA Finals to watch the Warriors was a dream come true for me

I went to Game 1 last night. Let me tell you about it.

But at the end of the day...

My favorite photo I took last night.

My favorite photo I took last night.As a Warriors fan since the first time I picked up a basketball as a little kid, I have always loved basketball. It was my first passion in sports and the Warriors were my team. Attending Game 1 of the NBA Finals — a dream I thought might never happen — happened. I knew that this was a game I had to attend. Because I live in LA now, making it out to one game was a task in itself and the timing just worked out perfectly. For me, attending this first game was what I wanted. And it lived up to it.

This was reportedly the most expensive Game 1 ticket in NBA history. It was. I paid a lot of money to get my ticket. But I was willing to sacrifice about a week’s worth…

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