Upset over poor word choice

Yeah this looks bad. But I also know that it was just worded poorly. You wouldn’t have “good” in quotes unless it is implying something about it.

Teacher could have worded it by saying “Name three reasons why slave owners wanted slavery” or something along those lines. It’s necessary to understand why people do certain things, even if it’s bad. But this is just poor word choice.


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Saying farewell

It’s hard to deal with death when it involves somebody you knew. It’s a different feeling you get when it involves different people and how the relationship was with them.

I remember a couple years ago I found out an old co-worker took his life. I only knew him for the several months we worked together so it wasn’t a deep relationship and we hadn’t talked since. But it hurt me knowing that someone who had a small impact on my life is gone.

Today I found out that a friend of mine passed away. It’s hard thing to take in right now. We had known each other since we were in elementary school and through high school. Although our friendship wasn’t extremely close, I still consider our friendship a good one. We would interact a little through Facebook and we saw each other at school reunions.

But it hurts right now because I don’t know how to take it in. I wonder if I had never moved from the Bay, we probably would have had a better friendship seeing each other. I also know that in those brief moments we did share together, they were fun and full of joy.

I feel sadness. I feel heartbroken. Even though we weren’t close, it breaks my heart. My buddy was my age. At such a young age too!

I have memories that I hold on to with my buddy. I keep remembering the great things I learned. One of the best writing tips I learned from you. The love of life, I picked up from you. I always felt that I could trust you when I needed help.

This is hard. Rest in peace my friend.

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Worst Christmas car commercial ever


Probably the worst Christmas commercial I have ever seen. This company, along with Apple’s “What’s a computer?”, is so far removed from reality.

The car bow commercials have existed for years, but it’s been so ingrained into this boy’s mind that every Christmas he expects to see a new car parked outside. This is not normal behavior. This is also not reality. Where in the world where this type of mindset and expectations are normal things you allow your kid to live with?

These commercials have warped this boy’s mind where even into his adulthood, he hopes that someone would just gift him a brand new luxury car. SMH.


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I found a Christian podcast that is going to piss off Christians

Last week I was driving and decided I wanted to see if I could find a podcast to listen to on my drive. I found a wrestling one which was fun but I decided that I wanted to listen to a Christian podcast. After all, as a Christian, I must be listening to Christian things when I drive. Whether it’s Christian music, Christian radio or sermons, I must listen to Christian things.

I stumbled upon Good Christian Fun and the title was misleading. But after listening, I realized it’s the perfect title.

The first podcast I listened to was actually their most recent episode, which was a live commentary on the awful movie “God’s Not Dead.”

I think Caroline and Kevin the hosts already stated that they are Christians so I think this was OK listening, right?

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Seeing Rachel Platten at The Peppermint Club

Rachel did a show at this small club in West Hollywood. I was afraid I was going to be late because of work but I got there before the show began. She was awesome!

It was intimate so it was cool to be kinda up close and see her interact and talk with us.

I have a few videos. I wish I stayed longer (dang parking meter) so I could see her and get her to sign her CD and/or take a photo.

She’s still awesome! A longer blog would have been nice but you already know how much I love her.

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Thoughts and prayers are needed

After today’s sad news of a shooting at a church I read a lot of people on Twitter complaining about the term “thoughts and prayers” as it is a common phrased used by right-wingers who love their guns.

But the idea of “thoughts and prayers” aren’t needed (with the victims being in a church) is false.

Thoughts and prayers are always needed. Prayer is so needed because we are calling out to God to give us comfort, safety, love and so much more. But I think the misconception is actually about the idea that prayer is the ONLY thing we are doing.

No. It’s what we do in addition to prayers. Prayers will remain and action is needed. The action is to fix this trash gun law that allows mass shootings to happen so frequently.

So don’t tell me that prayers are useless. It’s so useful and needed for a country in pain. But it’s not supposed to be the only thing. Let’s get that right.

I pray for the victims and I will vote and push to get the gun law changed.

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Today is the first day we get to move into our new house. There will be a one-week overlap of the old place and the new place so we can slowly move things around.

It’s a blessing we have a new place, especially finding one so soon. God taking care of us!

I will definitely have more on this new place. But for now, I am just exhausted and I want to get some sleep.

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