The whole Faithbox idea is absurd

This is Faithbox. They are a subscription company that sends Christian things every month. For $25 per box (or $22 per box if you go for a yearly plan) they will send you Christian items based on a theme. The theme you see above is money. So they will send you money-related Christian things like how to handle it, how to tithe… and oh look, a wallet with Faithbox’s logo on it.

What a strange concept. I know that the subscription box concept is designed for people who are fans. (I know. That is my profession.) You can be fans of TV shows, music artists, movies, etc. But can you really be a fan of Christianity? No. Christianity is not something you be a fan of in life. It’s a lifestyle. You are fans of creations made by other people. The Christian faith is not that.

So it’s very strange that this thing exists. And I would assume it was created by Christians. So people are asked to give money to an organization for something to receive an unknown entity (what’s inside the box) in hopes that it will answer questions they may be having in their lives.

This isn’t to say that the items standalone are bad. I am sure having a journal to keep track of finances is great. Daily devotionals is great. Having Christian material items around I suppose can be great too.

Unless you have poor designs of said products. A comment from the above IG post.

The 2019 planner, however, is a major disappointment. I like a day planner/desk calendar set up so I can view a month at a glance, or the week at a glance. I don’t understand why it’s set up with the page starting on Tuesday through the following Monday one month, another month the page starts Thursday through the following Wednesday, etc. Why not set up Sunday through Saturday, or Monday through Sunday. To flip between two pages to see what’s going on in the week is annoying. Unfortunately, I have no use for this planner, and I’m unable to find anybody who wants it, for that reason. Such a waste.

But it’s irresponsible to assume that just because you are Christian, that is to assume that you would find all of these things acceptable. I mean, all these different doctrines surely can agree everything that this box is for right. Unless you start doing separate ones for Baptists, Episcopalians or whatever, it’s really just generalizing the actual value of a Christian faith. You cannot group them all together.

If you are a real Christian, then you have to put little stock in this box. The box is only a minor tool in the realm of living a Christian life. Nowhere in the box will it help you go to church, fellowship with other believers or even living a faithful life. It’s just physical items. Ones that you are spending money on in hopes that it lives up to the said value that you are paying for. (And having worked in this business, the items in the box are always cheaper than what the consumer pays — it’s a business model used to make consumers pay way more than the actual value of the products.)

As a Christian, I just see too many flaws with this concept to be even remotely interested in it. A Christian faith requires each person to find their individual relationship with Jesus. It cannot be opened up to this generic box of items curated from different sources in assumption that it will match my need. And wouldn’t it be better served to spend money on Christian things where the Christian can pick and choose what best fits them?

It’s a shame that this is a thing that exists. And a bigger shame that as a Christian business, they have already lost their focus on what it truly means to help fellow believers grow their faith in a strong, healthy way,

This is more about making money by pulling on the heart strings of Christians. I would like to believe that the people behind this genuinely want to help grow the Christian faith in everyone. (Which based on his journey, maybe he does.) But I can’t get past all the flaws this has to be on board to have this be a truly effective tool of faith.

Good intentions. Very poor execution.



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