The helpless homeless and why we avoid them

I think it was my freshman year in college and I was in my sociology class. My pothead of a professor was amazing in telling me so many things about the world and how people act. It opened up a new world of understanding. I used to just assume people had to be one thing and their train of thinking had to be like mine. It’s still a habit I have, but I don’t hold on to it.

One of the things that I started to understand more was homeless people. I am not a saint in any way when it comes to them. Sometimes I just walk by them because I have places to go or I just don’t want to talk. But other times I really have sympathy for them. Sometimes I offer them a dollar. Sometimes I give them the extra food that I have. I try to help but it’s hard sometimes.

I have met homeless people who just take what is given to them and spend it on booze or some kind of addiction. Other times I just don’t know if they are trying to improve themselves or not. But every case is different. Every person is different.

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How I am watching #EverySimpsonsEver without cable

This marathon is amazing. I love everything about it. I got to watch some of it at work. But since I am not at work now, and I don’t have cable, I don’t know what to do.

I see tweets about it but I am not watching it. Luckily I have my DVDs. I am seeing which episode they’re airing now and I plug in the corresponding DVD to it.

Right now it’s time for Mr. Sparkle.

And they retweeted this tweet of mine!

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50 Cent challenging Floyd Mayweather to read is the best thing ever!

As you can see, Floyd Mayweather struggles to read. Mayweather and 50 Cent are beefing. So 50 challenged him to read.

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ABC Debuts ‘Selfie’ Pilot Online Ahead of Premiere


This is so true and so good!

Originally posted on Variety:

The latest marketing move from ABC for its upcoming sitcom “Selfie,” if nothing else, is fitting with theme.

The Alphabet debuted the pilot of the series on Hulu and ahead of its premiere next month. The show, a modern retelling of “My Fair Lady,” stars Karen Gillan of “Doctor Who” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” fame as Eliza Dooley, a narcissist who is obsessed with becoming famous over social media. John Cho plays a marketing guru who helps her rebrand her image after a video of hers goes viral, showing her there’s more to it than Facebook and Twitter — hence, the irony of debuting the show via social media.

Still, to debut a show over social media that targets Millennials is certainly appropriate for its desired audience. The show is not set to premiere on ABC for more than a month, with an airdate of Sept. 30.


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#ALSIceBucketChallenge: Good Cause, Great Awareness and Massive Egos

I’m already sick and tired of seeing all these ice bucket challenge videos. It’s just too much. Everybody is doing it and sharing it on social media. I feel like it’s the new Kony 2014.

Let me preface this before I go deeper into this. I am not against raising awareness – although sometimes people raise awareness very poorly. I am not against raising money to help research to fight a disease. I am not against people banding together to do something good. This is all good. This is the intent of this fad. It’s good. I applaud it. The incoming money for it is fantastic and I commend the people who have donated. Props to all of you who did donate. All these videos are just overwhelming.

But isn’t it sad that it took viral videos, an ongoing online peer pressure to get people to care? That’s how we motivate Americans to do important things. I wonder how many people who did the challenge actually know what ALS is. Or maybe know the history of this challenge.

And of course if you’re in California, you’re wasting water. The state is in a drought and you willingly waste water. There are people out there who can’t get access to ice and/or water. But here we are wasting it.

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Last night’s Paul McCartney Farewell to Candlestick Park concert was beautiful

Back when this concert was confirmed, I immediately bought tickets. I didn’t even know if I was going to go, but I knew I would find a way. At the time I was unemployed, so there was an uncertainty to this. But nevertheless, despite all the busyness of life, I flew back to the Bay the morning of the concert, ready to go to the last event ever at Candlestick Park and to see Paul McCartney one last time.

My dad and I took the secret way to Candlestick. We parked and walked our one mile to the stadium. This was the route that I took to the 49ers games when I was a writer. I would turn on Jamestown because I had a parking pass. But as a fan, this second route is the way to go. Now that the stadium is being blown up, now it’s cool to use this route one last time.


When we got there I marveled at the idea that this would be the last time I would be here. I had already bid my farewell at the last 49ers game here. Little did I know I would be back one last time.

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I’m finally going to see Tom Petty in concert!!!

Last night I got wind of Tom Petty doing a show with the Heartbreakers and Steve Winwood in San Jose. I got an email telling me that I can do a pre-sale with a code. I can’t make it back to San Jose but I love Tom Petty.

I decided that maybe I can buy tickets, sell them online and maybe use that profit to buy a ticket to a show he’s doing in LA. So this morning I did that. I bought two of the cheapest tickets. They were $66.50 each. I then threw them on StubHub at almost double the value. I might drop the prices later on as these tickets are just going on sale. But for now, let’s see how much this will cost me.

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